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Iceland vs Health N Goodness

Iceland vs. Health N Goodness

Comparative account: Iceland vs Health N Goodness



Health N Goodness has a little shack in the middle of T-Block in DHA. I feel like I’ll hurt the owner’s sensibilities for calling it a shack, because it’s actually a charming little window, with ample space around to park your car and enjoy a juice. It has a red and green sign announcing its presence in the dark. I’m not sure if they have waiters who can take your order in your car, because no one rushed to my car when I parked in front of their shop, so I had to go to the little window and place my order.


In a nutshell:
  • Try HnG for post-binge detox drinks
  • Iceland’s fresh juices worth a try
  • Delayed service at HnG
Pro Tips:
  • Try the fruit punch at HnG
  • Detox juices may make you feel woozy
  • Both cost the same, surprisingly



They have a list of juices to pick from, as well as smoothies, shakes and detox cleansers. Health N Goodness identifies itself as a ‘Juice Spa’, and in a sense, does deliver with their wide variety of high-end niche type fruit juices. They have fresh kiwi juice, and farm fresh musammi juice. It’s like your average street-corner juice vendor met a babu type who knows a lot of fancy concoctions. I ordered a fruit cocktail and a detox juice. Detox juices have piqued my interest ever since the need to live and eat healthy has obsessed me. Like all mere mortals, I get super pumped about fitness and my body, and then I lie down in bed, under three layers of covers and watch YouTube videos and pretend to be a fitness guru to my friends online, until the fancy leaves me.

ANYWAY, the fruit cocktail was delicious. Strawberry, mixed in some musammi, I’m assuming. It was actually light, refreshing, and made me feel really healthy. The detox cleanse had apple juice, mixed very subtly, with what I assume was ginger. The taste of whatever was in it was not overpowering, and it tasted quite nice, like normal juice. It was supposed to have Kiwis in it, and I think it did, but I couldn’t really tell. I guess the detox worked because my stomach felt cleaner after it for a next few days, and I felt lighter generally too. (Maybe this was imagined. It did upset my stomach a little)

Iceland on the other hand, is a landmark to me. From my freshman year at LUMS its obscenely pink board has signaled the beginning of my neighborhood and kingdom. To me, it’s sort of iconic, because here is a shop that sells dry fruits, juices and chaat and I have never seen anyone buy anything from it. And while establishments rise and fall around it in T-Block, it has remained a constant. I haven’t tried out their chaats but no one ever spoke of them, so I’m assuming they are not all that. Their juices however, I have heard of. They do have a waiter standing outside the shop, who brings the food to your car, so that’s nice. Also, Health and Goodness took about 20 mins to give me my juice, which is a really long wait for juice. A little too long I would say. The service at Iceland was a lot quicker. I ordered a fruit punch to be able to accurately compare both the juice stores.

Iceland also had a similar variety of juices, and shakes, but more localized – none of the fancy, hipster juices Health and Goodness offers. I was actually genuinely disappointed with their fruit punch. It had a distinct taste of musammi and pineapple, and it was not a nice combination at all. It just felt like a lot of mush blended together.



Health N Goodness made me feel like there was a proper recipe to the juice I am getting, and some thought has been put into the ingredients and how they blend together. Iceland failed miserably in comparison. Both the products are priced in almost the same price range, yet Health N Goodness definitely delivers a superior product, in terms of both taste and quality. Although their service is a little slow, Health N Goodness is definitely the place to go if you want a shake or a juice.


Health n Goodness, +92(42)35185575

Iceland, Defence, +92(42)35892399




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