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The Ultimate Ice Cream Guide: Lahore Edition

I’ve been working on a screenplay that I hope to get approved by Dinsey soon. It’s about a princess who turns into an ice cream guzzling monster when the clock strikes 12. She searches far and wide, terrorizing the people of Lahore. Legend has it; she’s searching for the creamiest, most economical ice cream to make her dreams come true.

It’s a work in progress.

The plot is very close to my heart and my own reality. I’m no princess, according to my husband, but I do believe that although one can’t buy happiness buying ice cream is the most viable alternative. My affinity for ice cream has driven me to try every ice cream vendor within the city. My research is air-tight so I can confidently say that my meticulously tried and tested list of top ice cream spots in Lahore is the real deal.

Here you have it, the best ice cream shops in the city:


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One-For-All and All-For-One – Jay Bee’s Ice Cream

Located on DHA Main Boulevard is this small ice cream vendor, seemingly pulled from my childhood nostalgia. The modest yet ever faithful choc bar is the crowning jewel of Jay Bees. My usual (signature) order comprises of Hershey’s special waffle cone and tutti fruity ice cream. Top that with fruit and syrup and I’m happy. They have a great variety of add-ons for their ice cream, such as cookies, dark chocolate, and Hershey’s caramel.


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Pure Dairy – Chaudairy Ice Cream

I’m often left wondering what goes into my ice cream when I buy pre-packaged ones from my local grocery store. With Chaudairy I don’t have to worry at all since they create perfect ice cream rolls out of pure condensed milk in front of your eyes. What makes it so special is the infinite amount of flavors and ingredients that their customization gives birth to.


roffles - The Ultimate Ice Cream Guide: Lahore Edition

Ice Rolls in Waffle – Roffles

Roffles gives customers the best of both worlds by pairing up ice rolls with a waffle cone. Well not really a waffle cone, it’s a waffle cup topped with ice cream rolls, nuts, fruits, and syrups. It’s absolutely glorious. Roffles deserves bonus points for introducing its thick hot chocolate topped with a soft brownie specifically for the winter season.


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Evergreen – Mama’s Ice cream

I thought Mama’s Ice cream was a delight reserved solely for my Islamabad visits. I always opt for their Belgian chocolate ice cream available at D Watson’s pharmacy. Imagine my surprise when I spotted them at Barkat Market, Lahore. It’s a home-made hand-blended ice cream that is super smooth in texture and comes in a huge variety of flavors. My favorite is the mint chocolate chip and it blows my mind every time.


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Street style – Alamgir waffles

A small shop at the corner of the Main Market Gulberg, recognizable due to the size of the crowd in front of it is Alamgir waffles that specializes in crunchy waffle cones. They specialize in nuttier and crunchier waffle cones and cups topped with thick chocolate syrup. It tastes just as amazing as any high-quality ice cream available in the city.


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Cosa Nostra 

This luxury Italian gelato is a treat I’ve allotted for a special occasion. Those thick chocolate ribbons in their Nutella flavor just melt your mouth giving a roller coaster of flavors inside your mouth. From Ivorian chocolate to strawberry cheesecake, Cosa Nostra serves up the best gelato in town. One cone can cost you Rs. 700 so it’s a bit expensive but the flavor justifies the price.  


So the task for you guys this week is to check out all these ice cream spots. The unique thing about all of these ice creams (except Cosa Nostra) is that all of these ice creams are very economical so you can always visit them along with your friends and cousins to party without any burden on your pockets. If you have any recommendations for my screenplay please do send those in as well. Teamwork makes the dream work.