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20180512 193108 - How to Mother’s Day in 48 Hours or Less

How to Mother’s Day in 48 Hours or Less

To everyone who’s just realized that Mother’s Day is tomorrow: our sympathies. You’re not alone, we’re panicking too (knees buckling as we type this). While countless spam texts from HKB and frickin’ Minnie Minors (WHY?) kept reminding us to wake the fuck up, we foolishly chose to ignore them. But it’s alright. You’ve got an evening (at least) to go and here’s a kickass plan of action. We’re pretty certain it’s going to work.



Cover Your Bases



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Make sure you’re all sorted with some pre-ordered stuff. Butler’s does amazing customized chocolate boxes that you can pick up from their branch on M M Alam Road. Pair these with something creative. Forget the Khaadis and Kayserias of the world and go for something out of the box. SASSY is offering a 20% Mother’s Day discount. If you sound really needy on the phone, they may just send it within the day.



A Little Extra



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If your mother is relatively low maintenance, you can’t go wrong with some good ol’ fashioned quality time. Considering how often mothers tend to complain about not getting enough face-time with their children, a serene walk through Bagh e Jinnah ought to really hit the sweet spot. If you’re somewhere around Ferozpur Road, though, Model Town Park serves the same purpose as well. Different park, same effect.





Okay, so you don’t need to spend buckets load of money on Mother’s Day. That’s not the idea. So, yes, ‘trendy shit’ like Masoom’s, Chaaye Khaana and Tuscany (for brunch) are good options. Go for them if you want. We ain’t judgin’.



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Nihari Anda Pyaaz <3 <3 <3



But, if you want, a little Waris won’t hurt. Get some good ol’ Nihari, pack it up for your dastarkhwaan (dining table) and pair it with Anda Pyaaz. Your mom’ll see the effort. She’ll pat you on the cheek.



Some Alone Time



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Mothers just so happen to be the single most overworked demographic there is. Do not contest this universal fact, especially not in front of moms (they will fight you, and so will we). Help your goddamn mother out with chores and be an overall proactive member of the household, you stupid shit (most would say). We’ll do you one better. If you’re aching to grab the title of ‘best-child’, treat your mom to an hour at Arammish and you’re Gucci.





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While your Mom’s chillin’ at Aramish, you could head on over to Readings to 1) Kill time and 2) Pick up a little something for her. It’s okay if she doesn’t ‘read much’. Coffee table books to reader’s digests, you’ll find ‘em all here.



Brownie Points



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So we (the editors) have been discussing what our moms like, and apparently all three of them love ice cream. We’re inclined to believe that your mom does too. A quick stop at Cosa or Waffles by Alamgir will definitely top off a calm evening.



Dinner Plans



This is it, guys. This is what everything boils down to. Everyone’s drained. It’s been a long day. You absolutely need to make it work. It’s going to be crucial to gauge your family’s mood at this time. If they’re pumped up, opt for a nice meal anywhere on Mall 1. If waiting twenty minutes for a table doesn’t interest you, Mall Road’s remote hotels should. Koyla!!! Go for Koyla (you may or may not find one of us there). Learn to read the room!



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If no one’s in a mood to leave though, consider ordering in. Noodle Woodle is comfort chinese food at its best (arguably). G.Y.M works too, since the day’s calorie count is bound to surpass all expectations anyway.



All done. Doesn’t sound bad, does it? Not at all. You’re good to go, as are we. Who knows, your mother might actually momentarily be glad to have birthed you. Momentarily.