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IMG20180310125956 - Hotel Merryday Inn: In the Heart of Cavalry

Hotel Merryday Inn: In the Heart of Cavalry

Hotel Merryday Inn is located close to Gulberg, on Tipu Road. With its two-story building, the hotel looks dainty, but once you walk inside through its long and narrow corridor, you find it to be much larger than you had presumed.


In a nutshell:
  • Old-school charm
  • Antiquated amenities
  • Clean and well-kept
Pro Tips:
  • Refrain from any ‘hanky-panky’
  • Carry your nikkah nama, if you’re married
  • Family friendly (only)



As I walked through the main glass door, a room on the right side that served as the reception counter to receive the guests greeted me. Right before the entrance hall, there were two fancy oil-painted, wooden chairs positioned in a way that no one could sit on them. Perhaps, they were bought and displayed for decorative purposes only. After talking to a man in black with a white shirt, I sat down close to the counter on a frayed sofa seat and waited for the hotel manager to arrive.

Following a brief inquiry about the purpose of my visit, the manager for Hotel Merryday Inn led me through a long hall to show me their rooms and tell me about the facilities of the hotel. As usual, there were rooms on both sides of the hall with their doors facing each other silently, without getting bored. The first room which I visited was labeled 302. The number sounded familiar, not because I have gone to prison for any crime but because I grew up watching trashy action movies.




From the looks of it, the rooms were kept clean in every sense of the word. The seat covers on the chairs, however, looked worn out and the electronic gadgetry appeared outdated. Rather than having an LCD, which is the prevalent trend, they had old pot-belly TVs in each room. Air-conditioners, wall clocks, tables, telephones, cupboards, and double beds populated each room. The air-conditioners also looked sad and old, their white was now orange. A framed painting had been hung up in each of the rooms at this establishment. When I asked if they have internet facility, the manager told me eagerly that they have both Wateen and PTCL connections. Moreover, their food menu offers a range of food items such as burgers, barbecue, tandoori, and rice.


After having visited several rooms, the manager escorted me to his office, which appeared quite humble. He told me in detail about the workings of the hotel. He added that they offered something that no one else in the entirety of Lahore could guarantee. When asked what this offering was, he remarked, ‘No one can do any hanky-panky here.’ I gestured as I did not know what he meant. He clarified the meaning and said that they would not let anybody stay at the hotel unless they prove that they are a married couple. Now I could see what kind of exclusive quality he was talking about. I thought of asking him to disallow internet to the lonely customers but I choose not to. Ironically, and much to my amusement, he followed up this conversation with mention of the mosque within the hotel, and the ‘convenience’ of praying in group five-times a day.



Merryday Inn comprises of 21 rooms (3 triple bedrooms and the rest double bed) and a kitchen where food options are available 24/7. They offer the facilities of TV cable, air conditioners, telephone, room service, fridge, and rent-a-car. They also have a hall for meetings and discussions. Although the hotel had a stuffy atmosphere due to the fact that fresh air ventilation did not seem to be a priority, the cleanliness of the place was admirable along with its range of facilities.


Hotel Merryday Inn, Gulberg, +92302 5717722




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