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IMG 4417 - Hotel Hilton Suites: Not Worth Ignoring

Hotel Hilton Suites: Not Worth Ignoring

Mian Mehmood Ali Kasuri road brings with it an assortment of dining and residential options. Somewhere in the mix, Hotel Hilton Suites is often overlooked at first glance. That’s exactly what happened with me upon my debut visit here, and I had to resort to consulting the security guard for the precise location of the entrance. Once inside, I was pleasantly surprised.



In a nutshell:
  • Effortlessly discreet
  • Tacky interior but lots of space
  • Affordable prices

Pro Tips:
  • Swing by the spa
  • Pick a blue room
  • Use Google Maps to find the location


Hotel Hilton Suites, Exterior




The entrance to the hotel wasn’t grand by any stretch of the imagination and was further impeded by the row of vehicles parked alongside its wall. The hotel sign was obscured by overgrown plants, lending a slight air of clandestine mystery to it.


Notwithstanding, when the glass doors slid open it didn’t look too bad after all. Jazz music echoed through the shimmering marble lobby; spotlights reflected against the floor and illuminated the hall.



Hotel Hilton Suites Corridor


I had to be really careful about picking a room. Not because of the prices (which seemed pretty reasonable compared to many other hotels) but because of the interior design. Many rooms were extremely – how should I put it? – tacky. And little brown… Perhaps too brown.



Hotel Hilton Suites, Interior



I selected one of the more handsome rooms, white and blue themed bed sheets and sofas, an aquarium (adding a touch of whimsy) and a tall lamp in the corner perfect for mood lighting; not to forget spacious closets enough for all my accessories and a white-marble bathroom that allowed me to walk around freely. I don’t know about you but to me, these simple features are a novelty, I don’t enjoy the same liberty in my cramped and often-crowded room back at my own house.



Hotel Hilton Suites, Interior



A mini-bar, access to the executive lounge and the facilities of a spa were added benefits that you get at every hotel, not that I was any less pleased to find them here as well. I didn’t use the spa (now I wish I had; these knots in my shoulders keep me up at night) but perhaps I might if I check into Hotel Hilton Suites again. I’m curious as to what it has to offer.



Hotel Hilton Suites, Lobby




As I left the building I turned around to see it: the small, shy entrance that I  was complaining about upon my arrival had a huge building behind it. The hotel stood proudly with a big sign mounted across the top that read ‘Hotel Hilton Suites’, I finally saw it. That was when I questioned myself: was it my dismissiveness that had prevented me from seeing the obvious or was it the hotel’s modesty that kept it from jumping out at me?


Hotel Hilton Suites, Mian Mehmood Kasuri Road, +92321 8885894

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