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fh3 - Hotel Faran: The Good, The Bad

Hotel Faran: The Good, The Bad

Located on one of the busiest roads, Sharah-e-Faisal approximately 10-15 minutes away from Karachi Airport, Hotel Faran provides a decent quality stay on a small budget. With quality amenities and a well-trained staff, Faran Hotel is a 3-star hotel. Depending on the time of year and the quality of the room, a nights stay can cost between PKR 3500- 8,000. When visiting a different city, everyone wants a cozy and comforting place that feels like home. Hotel Faran, at an extremely accommodating price, is a great place for a short stay in Karachi. Its central location provides easy access to all parts of the city, be it Defense, Gulshan or Nazimabad. Its location is a bonus for travelers staying for business purposes.



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Hotel Faran provides visitors with basic necessities. All you have to do is call the help desk downstairs and someone will be at your door within five minutes. The hotel provides free laundry and WiFi. One of the key aspects of any hotel is the staff. Hotel Faran has one of the most professional employees that will make your stay extremely comfortable.

The hotel food is also good. Ranging from breakfast to dinner, you can find many different cuisine options. They have a great variety of desi food options. You can have three extremely fulfilling meals without having to empty out your pockets. With the way Hotel Faran looks, it can be almost immediately noticed that there is special care for cleanliness and hygiene. Each morning, every room is rigorously cleaned, the dining area and the hallways are well maintained. It is a fine place to meet people or in to hold meetings in the conference rooms.

Talking specifically about the rooms; clean bedsheets and pillows, shiny floors and good lighting makes the room very comfortable to live in. The bed quality is very nice with good single beds or Queen sized beds depending on your room of choice. The rooms are well-curtained rooms to maintain privacy at all times while maintaining the well-lit aesthetic of the room. Two sofas are also placed in the room to provide extra space for people to sit in, which also adds to the appearance of the room as well. The attached bathrooms with the rooms are also very well maintained. With a clean and fresh supply of water at all times, the toilet is clean and easily usable. Both the sink and muslim shower having good water pressure.





While the hotel provides a great general living, there also exists a few problems. The general noise in the dining area is slightly disturbing due to the nature of traffic on Sharah-e-Faisal. The hotel also lacks enough space for parking for visitors which sometimes becomes an inconvenience for those visiting their friends or family staying at Hotel Faran. While the help desk is very useful, their booking system over the phone is a bit slow because they don’t pick up their number sometimes. Other than that, for those on a tight budget, Hotel Faran is a great place to be.

In conclusion, there are a few important checkpoints that all hotels need to have, from good room service and a well-trained staff, to clean and hygienic rooms and bathrooms. A diverse menu, beautiful and well maintained aesthetic. A special emphasis on privacy and comfort of those staying at the hotel. Hotel Faran, with its affordable rates, provides all of these for those that choose to stay there.