19 Mar, Tuesday
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suhyeon choi 193186 unsplash 1 - High Tea at City Café and Grill

High Tea at City Café and Grill


If you are looking for a place to catch up with an old friend while having mercy on your pocket then City Café and Grill is the place to go. An older establishment amidst a sea of trendy restaurants, City Café and Grill stands apart from its neighbors in Phase V. Its humble old-fashioned air is perfect for both, an afternoon tea or a comfortable dine in.


I have visited the cafe twice and have had their Hi Tea Platter for Two, both times. The first time, I wasn’t expecting something extraordinary from it but when the waiter came in carrying the three-tiered , gorgeous-looking Hi Tea Platter, a wide smile appeared across my face. If you are one for aesthetic-looking food and tea then this platter is definitely for you.


The best thing about the platter is the variety it offers. From chicken to fish to desserts, each tier is a separate course to go with your tea. In short, it has something for everyone. The food was extremely fresh and just the right temperature. Straight from the chef to us.



City Cafe and Grill


I started with the savory items. The potato and cheese croquettes have my heart. Their oozing cheese was a sight to behold and the potatoes were perfectly seasoned. The chicken wings were my second favorite. They were covered in the perfect sweet and sour sauce that made them absolute delicious. The fish was super fresh despite the Lahori summers. The bran bread sandwiches were light and delicious.


The only item that I would like to change were the minced chicken kebabs. They were a little out of place on the platter, and just not that tasty. Since I personally don’t like kebabs, I wouldn’t mind their being swapped for a freshly-baked chicken pattie. But maybe it varies too from pallatte to pallatte.


The desserts I would recommend, hands down. Ideally, enjoy them with the tea if possible. The steaming cup of tea adds to the already uplifted mood. The small slice of chocolate cake melts into your mouth and leaves a sweet aftertaste. The yellow pudding garnished with brown sugar is perfect for people with a sweet tooth.






However, to my disappointment the desserts were different when I dined in the second time. I preferred lemon cake and chocolate cake over the chocolate mousse they served later. Also, the blueberry panna cotta could have been a little sweeter however the hue of purple blueberries amongst the white custard was enough to make me eat it in its entirety. Yes I am guilty of liking food that is particularly beautiful to look at.


Both my visits to the cafe have been delightful experiences. If you are looking for some time off from the noise of the city and want to rant with your friends over a cup of tea, I would recommend that you add City Cafe and Grill’s Hi-Tea platter to the mix.