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Hico and Jalal Sons

Hico and Jalal Sons Ice Cream under Fire

As of January 28, 2019, Hico and Jalal Sons ice cream have failed to meet quality standards for commercial consumption, following laboratory testing conducted by the Punjab Food Authority (PFA). The PFA has released the findings of the lab tests according to which seven samples of Hico ice cream and eight samples of Jalal Sons ice cream failed to meet the quality standards prescribed under the Punjab Pure Food Regulations of 2018. Manufacturers have been directed to remove existing stocks from shelves.


Steps Forward

The PFA has also instructed food safety teams to monitor the directive. This is to ensure that the two manufacturers are no longer selling government-flagged products in the market. So far, the PFA team has removed over 1500 liters of Hico and Jalal Sons ice cream from various retail outlets across the city.

The DG PFA, Capt (R) Muhammad Usman, said that the Authority will not allow Hico and Jalal Sons ice cream to resume production till necessary steps are taken to meet consumer safety standards.


Other Cases

Earlier this month three popular ice cream manufacturers were slapped with similar penalties for failing to meet quality standards. Gourmet Ice Cream, Chaman Ice Cream, and Royal Kulfa were shut down for a short duration of time but are now back in business.


Public Response

PFA’s crackdown on these widely popular products has been met with outrage and sadness on social media, with many mourning the loss of their childhood-favorite Hico flavors. Not much is being said about the shut down of Jalal Sons ice cream, which is arguably one of their least popular products.


There has been no official statement from Hico or Jalal Sons at the time of writing this article.


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