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hotel - Heritage Luxury Suites: Exactly What It Sounds Like

Heritage Luxury Suites: Exactly What It Sounds Like

The lane right next to Shoppe on Noor Jehan Road leads to a frustrating trap: a two-way bumpy, narrow lane that outlines a construction site. I say trap because you could get stuck there if you don’t play your cards right. But getting to Heritage Luxury Suites is worth the effort; every inch of this impressive hotel will justify the cultural and historical implications its name has. Clean, lean, and pristine, Heritage Luxury Suites is a trap worth falling for.

In a Nutshell:
  • Spotless!
  • Tailored services for this suites-only hotel
  • Moroccan-inspired interiors

Pro Tips:
  • Long-stays will get you a good deal
  • Lacks great dining options
  • Use the park across the street

Heritage Luxury Suites

The boundary of Heritage Luxury Suites looks slightly intimidating: wrought-iron bars surround the building and a guard asks you a string of questions before you enter. Every move you make is being monitored, in a good way. You feel safe, so you decide to give them the benefit of the doubt. Mughal architecture-inspired exteriors lure you in and you have a hard time escaping the royalty of it all. I’m personally quite fond of old school architectural design, so they had me smitten to begin with.

The reception – though small – was welcoming. Perhaps it was the flamboyant flower arrangement in the center. Perhaps it was the hotel-y smell that travelers crave. Had to be that, or the warmth with which the receptionist received me and guided me to my room. Great first impressions, eh?


Heritage Luxury Suites


Glass doors opened on the detection of an authorized card and I was led to a small corridor which connected the reception to a patio of sorts. This patio was the heart of the octagonal inner structure, a point that could be overseen from all the floors above. A skylight delivered light to strategically placed red couches. And if that wasn’t enough of a symbol for royalty, the interior boasted grace, beauty and sophistication: arches, fine carvings on the inner border of the patio and polished woodwork. I walked across all this towards my room, absorbing the serenity of the environment. I couldn’t help but notice how different this was from what I had imagined. Surprise surprise.

The room’s subtle aesthetics were quite pleasing, given how Pakistan (especially Punjab) has a reputation for overdoing the small sh*t. Beige, dark brown and white is usually a winning combination of colors, and when you put thoughtful touches like a small writing table to the mix, consider me sold. Heritage Luxury Suites did exactly that.

Of course, this was simply a single room. The brochure gave several other options that seemed even more glorious. Some rooms have kitchenettes, bigger TVs and, understandably, more space. Apparently, there’s also a conference room if you want to host a business meeting at the premises. Even better, the hotel offers discounts depending on how long your stay is or how frequently you stay there in a year. Some may find the pricing a bit much but I believe, everything considered, it’s worth the money.


Heritage Luxury Suites


Did I forget to mention the overall cleanliness? Yup, spot clean!

Oh, and if you’ve had enough of staying indoors and need some fresh air, just step outside of the hotel. Right across it is Heritage Luxury Suites’ own park, blossoming with flowers. Take a walk, sit on a bench, listen to music. Admire the love with which this hotel pampers you. For your next visit to Lahore, choose Heritage Luxury Suites: it’s exactly what it sounds like.

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