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Haleem Kinara: Canned you Believe it?

In recent years, several home-based food ventures have popped up on our radar in Lahore. This is courtesy of Foodies r’ Us. Some of these ventures are a breath of fresh air in a market suffocated with sub-par food experiences. One shining example of this is Haleem Kinara by Mr. Arshad Mohsin.

In 2017, Mohsin noticed incessant inquiries on Foodies r’ Us for quality haleem within Lahore. Local foodies were lamenting the unavailability of authentic haleem and the closure of Delhi Nihari. It proved to be an “A-ha” moment for Mohsin. He had been looking into doing something of his own. Armed with his family recipe and a nuanced palate for haleem, Mohsin set up the one-man show that is Haleem Kinara.

Haleem Kinara started off with two products; beef haleem and chicken haleem. They now offer Beef Nihari with plans of adding to the menu as their capacity increases. Mohsin isn’t hungry for expansion. Instead, he is driven by his love for good old-fashioned, authentic haleem. The TLC that goes into every batch of haleem has garnered a cult following all across the city.

Haleem Kinara had steadily been growing in popularity across Facebook groups over the past two years. With Coke Fest, Mohsin was able to take his product to major cities across the country. Orders began pouring in and innovation soon followed. Haleem Kinara haleem is now available in tins/cans, stocked at select retailers within the cities of Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. The haleem is vacuum sealed with no added preservatives and the shelf-life is 1 year.

Patrons are rejoicing but what’s worth applauding is the sheer business acumen of Mohsin who has managed to turn his love for haleem into a booming and evolving business. Canned haleem, who would’ve thought?

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