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Gulf Shopping Mall: Searching for the Perfect Saari

Located at Teen Talwar at Clifton, Gulf Shopping Mall is the place to go when it comes to shopping for desi weddings. Fancy cloth, embroidery, bangles, ornamental boxes ornaments, decoration, and jewelry- everything you’ll need is here. It is located right next to Playhouse and Ashiana Mall, so that’s three birds with one stone.

My trips to Gulf Shopping Mall are always premeditated because it’s a bit far from where I live, but my visits are always worth it. I stock up on months worth of shopping in a single visit. I went there recently in preparation for a formal event I had to attend. I was looking for saari cloth and from the moment I walked in to Gulf Market I knew it was going to be an onerous task. The options here are endless and at times overwhelming. After visiting 15 vendors and looking at 30 different types of cloth I decided on a beige chiffon saari. But my adventure wasn’t over yet.



I delved further into the market in search of an appropriate lace for my saari which led me to a new discovery. Several shops on the top floor specialize in providing beads, sequins, laces and prepare them on custom orders. I spotted a nearby rack offering unstitched dresses,  several kurtas for the flat price of PKR 700 but remained focused on the task at hand.



It took another 15 minutes to source everything for my saree after which I turned my attention to the other offerings available at Gulf Shopping Mall. There was an impressive collection of ready-made trousers and palazzos, along with ready-made casual outfits. Everything from kurtas to three-piece suits was available for a steal.



There’s a special corner of the shopping center that is dedicated to wedding decor and paraphernalia. A kaleidoscopic of colorful jhumkas, bangles, candles, diya thaans, artificial gajjras – the collection was breathtaking. There were several items of decoration here too, like pretty ribbons, dainty little baskets, chest-shaped boxes for wedding customs and decorations. The price of these goods was reasonable and open to bargaining-which explained the rush in the mall’s mayoon outlets.

Despite all of its perks, one thing I notice on every trip to Gulf Shopping Mall is the lack of food vendors. There were french fries and chaat stalls outside a while ago, but recent anti-encroachment activities have swept those away. Playhouse, which is situated next door, is your best bet for a quick snack.

Nevertheless, Gulf Shopping Mall is worth the fare every time and you’ll walk away with enough outfits to last you all summer.


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