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Edited 8 2 - Gulberg Continental Hotel: Approachable and Accessible

Gulberg Continental Hotel: Approachable and Accessible

Gulberg Continental Hotel is located on M. M. Alam Road in Gulberg and can be approached on foot from Ghalib Market. Right outside, I noticed two white peacock statues hanging from the wall. Inside, I was greeted by a spacious hall with a number of mirrors attached to the white-washed walls and wooden shelves. The affluence of the white and shiny surfaces after a walk in rich sunlight dazed me momentarily. The wall behind the counter was chequered black and white with advertisements placed in the square blocks. There was also a black sofa with a brown table in the corner opposite to the counter, and a number of transparent glass-beads strung together, hanging from the roof.


In a Nutshell:
  • Central location
  • Quaint and cozy
  • Curious staff
Pro Tips:
  • Avoid conversing with the manager
  • Be vary of the questionable cleanliness
  • Family friendly (apparently)


Hotel Gulberg Continental



I walked up to the counter and shared the purpose of my visit with the supposed manager, who stood at the counter. Through the stairs behind the spacious hall, I was led to three separate rooms. Each room was equipped with a double bed, bedside tables, table-lamps, telephone sets and sofas. The lighting in the rooms was neither sharp nor dim, and served to enhance the apparent colors of the physical objects in the room. There were large mirrors set up against the walls and LED TVs fixed appropriately opposite the double-beds. There were large structures in two of the bedrooms, on the walls behind beds. I could not ascribe any useful purpose for said structures, save that they added fancy colors to the place. Like many other places, Gulberg Continental had a number of framed paintings hanging in the corridors, and inside the rooms. What made them exceptional was that they were not cubist or surrealist paintings with haphazard circles and squares riding each other with colors thrown over them. These paintings depicted natural scenes and landscapes. As most of their rooms were occupied, I had to visit a room where the lodgers had their clothes dumped carelessly on the bed (along with other unspeakable things). Some rooms faced the roadside, and through large windows, natural ventilation was made possible.


Hotel Gulberg Continental


The friendly person who entertained me told me about the complimentary facilities of Gulberg Continental. The hotel offers ‘welcome tea or drinks on arrival’, ‘breakfast in the room’, ‘pick and drop facility for Daewoo and airport’, ‘large car parking’, ‘shoe shine’, and ‘newspaper service/delivery’. In addition, they have wireless internet as well. They provide room service to their customers and offer different rack rates and corporate rates for their single deluxe rooms, double deluxe rooms, and double executive rooms.



After the manager had answered my questions, he began asking me about C+G, the nature of my job, my origins, and so on. I feared momentarily that he might go on a little further and ask me about my salary and sexual orientation. But he was a kind person, and he did not. Feeling that I might be tired, he ordered a carrot juice for me, which was warm like brown tea. I did not, however, blame him for it. Overall I found Gulberg Continental to be a quaint and cozy place.


Hotel Gulberg Continental


P.S. I forgot to mention the unusual incident that occurred before I entered Gulberg Continental. A young brown man with henna-dyed hair and a grass-green shirt stopped me on the road and asked me if I could type a message for him. I said, ‘why not’. He gave me his mobile and asked me to write, “This is the last time I am talking to you. Just talk to me once and then, I would never come in your life.’ After I had written this, he asked me to write another, “I want to talk to you only once on phone and then, you never have to talk to me or meet me.” I could see the name of the girl, fathom the emergency of the situation peculiar to love-affairs, and the desperate condition of the man all at once. That is why, I think that some revolutionary needs to spur a movement against this love-malady, not because this is an immoral enterprise as some obstinate people would have us believe, but because there are too many lovers with grilled and drilled hearts out there, who either start hating the other sex after Dil-Toots (heartbreaks… Its an anglicized Urdu phrase, which I heard a female friend using once) or commence a career of dark suicidal memes and poetry on Facebook, which they run after midnight only.


Gulberg Continental Hotel, Lahore, +92345 4477745




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