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Greeno Juice Bars: Sipping on Sunshine

Sometimes I feel that the only healthy food I consume at any given point in time entirely depends on the kind of restaurants located near my home. I am not predisposed to tossing salads, roasting vegetables, or cooking copious amounts of quinoa. I buy fruit in a frenzy of good intentions after which they either rot or are distributed to other members of my family. Luckily, Greeno Juice Bars have recently opened up a branch near my house.

Greeno Juice Bars

Greeno Juice Bars what? Let me fill you in.

Greeno Juice Bars is a franchise that is all about providing healthy and premium fruit products and juices to the masses. Their philosophy is to inspire consumers to live a life full of health and vitality; that’s a sentiment I can get behind. Greeno Juice Bars doesn’t want juicing to be a novelty, rather, a way of life.

Their branches are glorious little kiosks made of crisp pine wood, with green and white detailing, located at the most convenient spots such as gas stations. At Greenos, fresh produce of the highest quality is cold-pressed keeping international health standards in mind. The blends do not incorporate any artificial sweeteners, flavors or additives and are made with custom orders in mind.

Opening stores at gas stations is a genius move. No last-minute stumbling into random petrol station stores, rummaging through cans of soda while balancing Lays crisps, snickers bars and generic prawn crackers in your arms. Just mosey on to the juice bar.

greeno2 - Greeno Juice Bars: Sipping on Sunshine

Order Up

I wandered over to the Khyaban e Shujaat petrol station, parked bang in front of the kiosk, and within seconds was perusing their juicy offerings. The names for these concoctions were adorable but a few caught my eye, solely based on the ingredients.

The Reviver Cocktail, comprising apple juice, lemon, and mint, led me to imagine that one sip would energize me and clear up my skin. The Immuno Kick, of orange, apple and carrot juice probably packs a mean punch when it comes to fighting seasonal viruses. The Slim Fest, containing apples, celery, cucumber, and guava, gave me hope of fitting back into my skinny jeans. I ordered all three. They also had some awesome coffee options but I decided to save those for a morning run when there is no hope left in life and solace can be found in the depths of a coffee cup.

While waiting for my juice, I sneakily snuck into the convenience store at the gas station and surreptitiously observed the juicing process. Sparkling clean counters, a squeaky-clean blender, and glorious stacks of fresh fruit? Check, check, and check. My trio of juices chalked in at Rs 700. Not bad.

greeno1 - Greeno Juice Bars: Sipping on Sunshine

Sipping on Sunshine

Slim Fest

The Slim Fest was a god-sent. It tasted unlike any juice blend I’d ever had before. The high notes of apple and guava were perfectly balanced with a hint of cool green cucumber, the only thing I couldn’t taste was celery. The best part was that it tasted so delicious that I completely forgot it was supposed to be a healthy drink. I’d call it an indulgence.

Immuno Kick

I take a small sip of the Immuno-Kick because I am one of those rare awful people who cannot stand orange juice. It’s a textural thing, I find pulp gross. But this juice had no pulp and the bitterness of the orange paired well with the sweetness of the apple and the earthy depth of the carrot. I wouldn’t order this one all the time, but this was definitely a winter pick-me-up.

The Reviver

The Reviver was up next and proved to be my favorite. It tasted unbelievably good. The tartness of the lemon, the sharp taste of mint, and the soft, crisp sweetness of the apple… a match made in juice heaven. It was as light as lemonade, with none of the goopiness of apple juice. Light and refreshing, what more could you ask for in a juice?

Greeno Juice Bars have enough options to satisfy any palate. The locations are convenient, the price is relatively decent and the juice combinations totally work. My experience was pretty impressive and I can see myself ordering a Greeno concoction relationship. Cheers to a long, healthy and juicy relationship with my new favorite juice bar.


Pomegranate or “anaar” fever hit Karachi recently and while topping up my car at the petrol station I noticed that Greeno had a special “Red Sea” drink on offer. A cocktail of apple, pomegranate, and guava; talk about a trinity of goodness.

I’m actually sipping it while writing this review so that I am able to describe it perfectly. A pale pink frothy concoction, the first taste is of guava, followed immediately by a wave of apple goodness, tapering off at the end with a hint of anaar. Good Lord. Is there any Greeno juice I don’t like?

Greeno Juice Bars Karachi Contact: (021) 111 473 366