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Grab Your Meal

Please Grab Your Meal – Or We Will

Instantly, a “we accept bitcoin” sign grabs your attention outside Grab Your Meal. Don’t let the GYM sign, looming in front of you from the distance fool you. The GYM is merely an acronym and it is exactly the sort of gym, I can certainly do. Located in Y-Block, Grab Your Meal is a takeaway and delivery-only, healthy food outlet serving Grilled Chicken, Lamb, Beef, and Sandwiches. Their menu is short but their portions are generous.


In a Nutshell:
  • Don’t let the name mislead you
  • Sauces are a hit and miss
  • Low in calories, big on flavor
Pro Tips:
  • Their chicken is succulent AF
  • Steer clear of the salsa
  • Family friendly



I tried their Spicy Mediterranean Chicken Container because I wanted to make a safe choice and had already eaten terrible food that day. The meal came in a really nice box (which I wanted to save for later, but inadvertently threw away, as we often do). I will admit, I enjoy quirks like that. The chicken, which is already seasoned with herbs, is served with three sauces of your choice. I chose Portuguese Peri Peri and Thousand Island dressing. The chicken was spicy but also slightly creamy because of the combination of sauces. If you really want to be healthy, obviously Thousand Island would be an awful choice. But there are eleven options, from Middle Eastern to Italian, and if you pick even the healthiest combination, your chicken will probably taste delicious. Besides, the seasoning on the chicken is good enough as it is.





After the sauces, you chose your ‘base’. You are allowed two. From the name, I wasn’t sure what ‘base’ really meant but the options suggested it was a dip of sorts. I got Baba Ganoush and Salsa because Guacamole wasn’t available. The Baba Ganoush was really good and went really well with my salad and chicken. It was light but still managed to taste really creamy. Even though I am not a fan of vegetables as such, but I think I believe in eggplants now. The Salsa was unimpressive and tasted too much like raw tomatoes.

At the end of your order, you chose your salad from a wide variety of vegetables. I asked the man behind the counter to put in everything but ended up just eating the iceberg lettuce, broccoli, onions, and olives. Not that the rest of the ingredients weren’t fresh or edible, but personally next time I will not include the beetroot and the goat cheese.





The Food Panda App that I referred to before visiting the establishment also shows a baked potato in the container meal but it’s not on the menu at Grab Your Meal and that is probably why they did not give it to me. I only wish then, that the salad had an option for potatoes because that’s everyone’s favorite vegetable! Apart from that, the Spicy Mediterranean container was everything it was supposed to be. It was filling and the salad was crisp. The sauces felt original, different and healthy. The chicken was also well-marinated, spicy and actually embodied Mediterranean flavors.




The lack of seasoning and the overall blandness makes it hard to opt for healthy food options often but nothing in the container I ordered was bland. I was quite content with the pricing and happy that I did not have to pay a fortune to eat a salad. I will definitely order from GYM again to satiate a  salad craving and perhaps more regularly when I finally start eating healthily (but we’ll have to wait a while for that).

*This review compelled us to order GYM at the office. Thank you, Musirah.


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