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gorakh hill station

Gorakh Hill Station: The Elevated Getaway

Thinking of a weekend getaway with the gang? Wondering what to do in Pakistan? Well, don’t look too far (seriously you might hurt yourself). Now that I’ve got your attention, boy do I have a trip in store for you! Imagine taking a trip to Naran or Hunza. Are you imagining it? Okay, now scrap that. I’ve got something way better: Gorakh Hill Station.

While there’s no denying that the North is pretty lit, not everyone can make that trip on short notice. This, on the other hand, is doable. DOABLE. Just sit back and let me guide you through the what, where, when and how of a trip to Gorakh Hill Station.


The What:

Gorakh Hill is a high altitude plateau that is famous for its hill station. It is also one of the only places in Sindh to receive snowfall, thus making it an attraction for locals from Karachi and Hyderabad.

There’s a lot of folklore surrounding the origin of the name, but I’m not gonna get into that. If mysticism gets you hot and bothered the Gorakh Hill Station story might pique your interest.

A trip to the Gorakh Hill Station is packed with enough euphoria to keep you on the edge for the weekend. Complete with beautiful sightseeing, trekking and the slight dip into the freshwater Gaaj Nai river. Also featured at the station are BBQ nights next to a campfire and a folk music program. You’ll definitely be kept busy.


The Where:

Gorakh Hill Station is situated at an elevation of 5,689 ft (pretty damn high) in the Kirthar Mountains. The hill station is an 8-hour drive from Karachi (423 km). As of right now, the government is currently in the process of constructing a road that will directly connect Gorakh Hill to Dadu which is 4 kilometers away. Wahi Pandi, a town near Dadu, is a 1 hour 40 minutes drive from Gorakh Hill Station in case you want to make a pit stop.


Bottom line: Gorakh Hill Station is accessible. With the right group of friends, it’ll be as painless as a roundtrip to your local corner store.


The When:

Due to its elevation, Gorakh Hill has very distinct weather. Ranging from below 20°C in the summer to sub-zero temperatures in the winter. Yikes! Gorakh Hill experiences 120 mm of annual snowfall in the winter up until February. So unless you’re looking for a case of frostbite the ideal time to visit Gorakh Hill would be between the months of February and March. This way you’d be able to catch the winter weather just before it’s gone with the wind (Apologies, that was hella corny).


The How:

You’re probably wondering “How am I gonna get here?”, I’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find the best tour guides which are specifically curated for this trip. Karachi Gliding club offers various packages depending on how long you’re going for and with how many people. What’s that I hear? Squad Trip? Definitely!


Karachi Gliding Club:

The Karachi Gliding Club offers a two-day trip which starts in Karachi. Transport to and from Gorakh Hills is available, along with provisions for your stay at the Gorakh Hill Station Hotel. You’ll be provided sleeping bags and food so no need to worry. If you aren’t up to taking the company’s transport you’re more than welcome to bring your own ride with you. Below are the various Gorakh Hill travel packages they offer:


Packages With Stay in Rooms:

Package 1 (Own Car) – Rs. 7000 / head

Package 2 (Pool In / Our Transport) – Rs. 8500 / head

Packages With Stay in Camps:

Package 1 (Own Car) – Rs. 6000 / head

Package 2 (Pool In / Our Transport) – Rs. 7000 / head


Don’t overthink this. Round up the old gang and hop on the next flight to K-town. An ideal weekend getaway with the guys/gals, plus the views are great too! Pack light; tents, sleeping bags, maybe your swim trunks (depending on how adventurous you are), and a pair of shades (if you’re trying to flex on Instagram). The peaks of Gorakh Hill Station await.