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ginsoy feat - Ginsoy Karachi: Did Someone Say Extreme?

Ginsoy Karachi: Did Someone Say Extreme?

Gulistan e Johar is an area in Karachi which formerly didn’t have a lot of food venues but in the last few years, this problem has suddenly started mitigating. Lately, a slew of famous food outlets has started opening up branches here. A recent addition to this list was Ginsoy, and so we planned to try it on our friend’s birthday. Ginsoy assures a relatively cheaper fine dining experience for college students, who are continuously struggling to budget. The interior has a lot of beautiful wooden and glass structures, there are no paintings on the walls of the well-lit dining area. It looks like a restaurant that a dysfunctional family should go to for a pretentious dinner.



We were a party of nine, so for starters, we ordered a large chicken corn soup and a small Tom Yum soup, in addition to a large tray of dynamite prawns. For the mains, we collectively agreed on Dragon Chicken Curry, Sweet and Sour, paired with two types of fried rice. The servings were generous, we had a hard time finishing the delicious soup. The chicken corn soup had a very nice consistency, it had none of those cornstarch globules that one occasionally comes across.



The Tom Yum soup had its classic tanginess, the subtle taste of prawns in the broth was divine.. Dragon Chicken lived up to its name and added the right amount of flavor to our feast. It was spicy enough without being overwhelming. The sweet and sour chicken, however, was not too remarkable, it was a safe dish to order but the sauce was more ketchup-y than I could tolerate. The rice was soft and the vegetables still slightly crisp, kudos to the chef. The dynamite prawns were exactly nine, what a happy coincidence, they were drizzled with a delicious spicy sauce. As I bit into the prawn I had more panko than meat, which was disappointing, but the taste was good enough.

All in all, Ginsoy is a nice option for Chinese food lovers in Karachi. However, I’d say it is more expensive than it should be. So if you’re looking for cheap Chinese takeout, this is definitely not the place to go. But casual fine dining is something Ginsoy can satisfy.