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Ghee: Kardashian Approved Liquid Gold

Move over coconut oil, ghee is the healthy fat of this season. While omnipresent in desi cuisine, ghee became internationally know when it received Kourtney Kardashian’s seal of approval. She mentioned on her health blog that she makes sure to heat up a teaspoon of the golden elixir every single morning for herself as well as her children.






The Scoop on Ghee



Ghee became a much sought-after commodity in 2016 when the paleo diet fad was at its peak. Recently those on the keto grind have been mixing it into their coffee. While I would never desecrate coffee like that, I was intrigued by the science behind it. I grew up associating ghee with aloo ka paratha, halwa and occasionally french toast, thus my initial disbelief regarding the substantial health benefits associated with consuming ghee.


Most of us have probably seen our mothers or grandmothers slave away to make their own ghee at home at some point. Ghee is a clarified butter that has had its milk solids toasted then skimmed away from the fat. Once skimmed and salvaged, the resulting product combines oil’s high smoke point and butter’s rich, nutty flavor. Not to mention the excellent nutritional profile. It’s the best of both worlds. Moreover, since the discarded milk solids contain all the lactose and casein, ghee is perfect for those sensitive to dairy.








I remember a time when ghee was vilified as bad for your heart and health, never had I imagined its rise to super-food status. Turns out: Ghee is the crowning jewel in Ayurvedic medicine and is considered to promote good health, positivity, calm energy and personal growth.


It has been scientifically proven to be good for gut-health, a metabolism booster, rich in fatty acids and vitamins. Guess who’s done feeling guilty about toasting her bread with desi ghee on a griddle every morning. Me. I’m done.


A word of caution: despite its many benefits, as a source of fat, it is still high in calories. As is with everything, it should be consumed in moderation. But aren’t you glad you get to eat that paratha with a little less guilt? I know I am.

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