24 May, Friday
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Gardening: A Journey Towards Mindfulness

Imagine creating the freshest salads or sprinkling just-picked coriander on your curries by using produce you’ve grown in your own little garden. Growing your own tomatoes, peas, and lettuce isn’t a herculean task, however, many are overwhelmed by the idea of maintaining their own garden. Trust me, the taste and smell of home-grown produce are well worth the effort gardening demands.


People often show reluctance while giving gardening a shot assuming they lack appropriate space. Guess what, there’s no minimum space required to set up a home garden. The empty space in your backyard, the vacant plot beside your house, a hanging pot in your balcony or even an empty can on your window sill is enough space to start you off. Regardless of their size, we can always craft a garden plan to fit our longings. I’ve resorted to small pots on my kitchen counter. The bright red pots and fresh sprouting veggies have added a homely pop of color to my kitchen.


Figuring out how to grow vegetable garden from scratch can be a daunting task for slackers like me but I’ve found helpful tutorials to guide me on my journey to domestic goddess status. Nature is compassionate enough to bestow us with the plenty of infallible vegetable options to grow. Tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, cucumber, carrots, and peas are forgiving options for those who don’t think they’ve got a green thumb. 








With my recent foray into home gardening I do have some advice that everyone should consider before breaking out the spades and trowels:

  • Don’t jump on dreaming about a farm, start small
  • Only plant those veggies you’d really like to consume so that you’re more inclined to care for the plants.
  • Choose a spot where the sun throws enough light (Don’t panic if the sun doesn’t favor your lot much; numerous plants still thrive under shadows)
  • Water them on daily basis (Be cautious; don’t just pour the whole bucket to drown them or use too little to slay them with thirst)
  • Take advice from your local gardener to make a sense of what grows well in the particular season and your region.
  • You can’t simply dump the plants and walk away. To see them nourishing, nurture your relationship with them.


My small garden luckily survived my inexperience and unintentional neglect and flourished well. I am never humble when it comes to taking pride in the produce nurtured by my individual efforts! Alongside enjoying the organic food, food gardening cultivated mindfulness and helped me unwind. Not to mention the fact that I finally soaked up some vitamin-D.