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Galito’s: Extra-Spicy, Extra-Saucy

Galito’s is a South-African chain specializing in flame-grilled chicken. Several franchises of Galito’s have opened up in Pakistan recently, garnering a cult following with their natural, organic ingredients. A few days ago I happened upon their outlet in Emporium Mall and figured it was worth a shot. I found an empty table and settled in.


IMG 5973 - Galito's: Extra-Spicy, Extra-Saucy


The Galito’s Vibe

The vibe here was welcoming, with vibrant lighting and bright décor. Furnished with plain wooden tables and chairs, hanging embellishments added to its allure. What caught my eye was the illuminated watchword of “How Hot Can You Go?” upon the wall. The statement seemed to be directed towards spice lovers. Challenge accepted.

Order Up

The menu encompassed extensive selections, ranging from starters to main course and beverages to desserts. I wanted to order the Flame Grilled Chicken Peri Tacos for my starter but they were unavailable, so I settled for the Chicken Peri Pita. For my main, I ordered the Chicklato’s Pizza. I decided on ‘Extra-Hot’ as the spice level for both.



Chicken Peri Pita

The Chicken Pita arrived in a few minutes, accompanied by a side of fries. The meal appeared to be a decked-out version of a shawarma platter. The soft and airy pita had been stuffed to the gills with fiery chicken, a spicy mayo, cheese, and a mix of pickled vegetables. The chicken was perfectly grilled, well-seasoned and succulent.

Chicklato’s Pizza

My pizza followed swiftly after and was served with an assortment of five different Galito’s sauces. The pizza crust was baked to blistered-golden perfection. It was drenched in a flavorful and tangy marinara, topped with succulent chicken and doused in cheese. I tried it with all five sauces one by one and each bite was a unique, saucy experience.




I felt for the solitary server who was running around managing every customer. My experience could’ve been far more seamless if there had been an adequate number of servers on duty.

Nevertheless, Galito’s delivers a delightful dining experience. Flavourful meals, unique house-made sauces, and a vivacious setting; it was the complete package. Next time I’ll be trying out their flame-grilled chicken to see how it compares to other contenders.