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funco - Funco Pakistan: A Brand New Air Park Opens Up in Gulberg

Funco Pakistan: A Brand New Air Park Opens Up in Gulberg

Trampolines have been an anomaly experience for most residents in Lahore. If you didn’t have one at home, you were screwed – the allure. The newest addition to Lahore’s buzzing Main Boulevard, Funco Pakistan: Air Park, is trying to revive the trampoline craze by upping the ante.  

Even before Funco Pakistan, Lahore had become acquainted with trampoline parks. The likes of Joyland and Bounce paved the way for more strenuous forms of entertainment.

Bounce changed the game when it opened up a few years ago. It quickly became the place to be. People began braving Canal Road traffic to frequent the death trap that is Emporium Mall’s parking lot. All just to bounce around like a bunch of deranged toddlers.

The trend stuck around for a while but has relatively died down in recent times. When we recently visited Bounce as a team, we were met with a nearly empty trampoline paradise. That definitely added to the fun, but probably isn’t great for business. Funco Air Park places its bets on sparking a dying trend.

Funco Air Park is Pakistan’s largest indoor, or even outdoor, trampoline park (seriously though, it’s indoors). Every inch of the compound is bounceable; walls, floors, pillars – you name it. It opened up in early Feb, and according to their Facebook page, the park will cater to birthdays, corporate events and other private bookings.

Funco’s premises also contain a foam pit, a ninja warrior zone, a kids zone and zones designated for basketball and dodgeball. Hmm… starting to sound an awful lot like Bounce here guys. Yet Funco is more expensive. Funco’s management justifies this based on the general grandness of this operation as well as the fact that they’ve employed a team of trained gymnasts to facilitate visitors.

I had a grand old time at Bounce and the only thing that could’ve made it better would’ve been a vaster, more bounceable space. That’s exactly what Funco Pakistan claims to offer. Gulberg is far more accessible than Emporium Mall for me, and I quite like the idea of having trained professionals show me the ropes.

I’m planning a trip to Funco, I could probably use the exercise. All the cool 3rd graders will be there too. Will you?


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