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frosti - Frosti: A Soft Serve Dessert Bar

Frosti: A Soft Serve Dessert Bar

In Pakistan, across the cities, I have noticed a general trend in hiking up the prices for food that is categorized mostly as western. For example, items like brownies and waffles which are very cheap to produce are sold for at least three to five hundred rupees at a well-known dessert place. Frosti is a unique eatery in Lahore that breaks this tradition. Situated amongst several other more crowded and happening restaurants like Maro Tandoor, Karachi BBQ and others, in H-Block, Defence, Frosti is a newly opened dessert bar which has a limited variety but great quality. The best part is that you will never walk away feeling sad about the amount of money spent.


frosti2 - Frosti: A Soft Serve Dessert Bar


Basic Flavors Done Right

I’m not kidding about the limited offerings though. They have three flavors of soft serve: vanilla, chocolate, and a vanilla chocolate twist. You can either have it in a cup, in a sundae or with a hot chocolate brownie. The sauce toppings are one of the most authentically flavored toppings I have ever had – chocolate, salted caramel, strawberry, and blueberry.

When they give you ice cream in a cup, they decorate it with a small light and crispy wafer. The waffles that they make with the ice cream are soft and lightly toasted on the outside. As you take a bite of the Belgian waffle with the ice cream you can taste the soft crisp piece of waffle disintegrate and mix with the cold sweet ice cream and it makes for one of the most delicious desserts. The fifty rupee price tag sweetens the deal. Their soft serve is cold, never melting and served in the perfect shape. The blueberry and strawberry sauces are a perfect consistency, with small chunks of fruit adding texture.

The chocolate brownie is one of their latest inventions, it is a double chocolate fudge brownie topped with ice cream and sauce. It is a soft, melt-in-your-mouth experience. The slight bitterness pairs well with the chocolate sauce and the ice cream. They have recently introduced a special hot chocolate to the menu. I haven’t tried it yet but I have high hopes.


The Cutest Little Thing

The best part about Frosti is not just the quality of desserts but also the cozy and comfortable vibe. They decorate their little shop with great effort, for every festive occasion. Nowadays they’ve maintained a small Christmas tree, decorated small bits and baubles. They have two small benches so there isn’t a lot of space to sit, which is why most people just order in their cars. This is rather unfortunate, I think it holds them back from becoming more of a hot spot.  

The biggest issue in my opinion, though, is the fact that there is very little staff. For now, they are getting by with this arrangement because they haven’t blown up. But as they get more famous and attract more customers, they will need to increase their staff. Primarily because I have no doubt that their business will be booming in almost no time at all.