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Food Break without Breaking the Bank

My love affair with Food Break isn’t new, it has long been my favorite place for a quick bite whenever I visit Bahadruabad. However, I was shocked to find that they have a branch in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, right next to my house. Ever since I’ve made this discovery I’ve become a regular at this branch, and for good reason. Let me elaborate.

I’m a huge fan of Singaporean rice and Food Break serves up the best rendition of this comfort food. I can’t think of a better pairing than Food Break’s Singaporean rice and a tall glass of cold Pepsi and that’s exactly what I visited them for recently.

Order Up

Looking around at the packed restaurant, I briefly considered grabbing a table outside but was deterred by the drizzle. On a summer night, it would be a pleasant idea to be seated on the baithak outside. I refocused on the menu and, egged on by my husband, I ended up overordering. We got a full plate of Singaporean Rice, two Chatni Rolls, a Chicken Boneless Handi with Roghni Naan, and a serving of Fish and Chips with two soft drinks.

Our Food

I looked around the place taking in the sight of people indulging in their food and the fresh aroma of fried boasts, bbq, and garlic. The family dining hall of Food Break is casual yet clean, making it suitable for all, be it friends, family or colleagues.

Our food arrived within 20 minutes, as promised, and I was quite impressed considering the number of customers that night. My initial focus had been the Singaporean rice but the sight of the creamiest handi on earth proved a welcome distraction. Absolutely wholesome and hearty, the spice was balanced out by the exceptionally soft roghni naan.

I eventually found my way back to my Singaporean Rice, which was layered with mayo, chicken, veggies, and noodles in perfect harmony. I’ve had a lot of Singaporean rice and the one at Food Break takes the cake. The fish and chips were good enough but nothing to write home about.




The service at the diner is something to talk about. The waiters deserve praise for their efficiency and courtesy. The food, ambiance, and level of hospitality make Food Break a worthwhile dining experience, that too on a budget.