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Flamingo Chaat: A Quintessential Boat Basin Experience

Recently, on a surprisingly cloudy day in Karachi, I was tempted to head outdoors with a few friends. We ended up at Boat Basin where a hoard of fast food joints beckoned me. We decided to hit up Flamingo Chaat as we’d never tried it but had heard great things. Flamingo Chaat is known for its chaat and pani puri. A bright red board makes it stand out.

My friends and I had barely sat down when a waiter popped up to take our order. Fast and vigilant. The counter is right in front of the tables, and the waiters seem to be omnipresent for anything that might be needed. The menu is short, simple and perfect. The food variety is quite impressive, ranging from Bar B.Q. to sandwiches, including fast food items such as broasts and burgers.

When I overheard the group on the table opposite our order sandwiches and three orders of fries, I was tempted. But Flamingo Chaat by definition is a chaat place, so why mess with the rightful order? We did, however, round out our order of pani puri, chana papdi, and dahi puri with vanilla and banana shakes.

After the order had been placed I started people watching; families, groups of teens and pockets of laborers. The view was fantastic and the weather was unusually compliant with our desire to laze about. The order arrived rather quickly, all in disposable packaging and containers. The sight was absolutely mouth-watering and I knew we were in for a treat.

I can here on out attest to the taste that Flamingo Chaat is famous for; the pani puri was perfectly crispy and spicy, the dahi puri was sweet and tangy, the papdi aloo was fresh, crisp and light. The Vanilla Ice Cream Shake was pure joy, while the equally delicious Banana shake was a bit on the heavier side. Flamingo has varying alternatives for drinks, such as coffee and fresh juices. The prices are affordable across the board. You can walk away with a full stomach and wallet.

The tables and chairs were clean and neatly arranged, while the food and the counter where the food items were being prepared also seemed hygienic and clean. The seating space was ample, and a nearby khokha catered to those looking to have a smoke or a paan.

I would without a doubt recommend Flamingo Chaat to everyone, be it any demographic. It is an experience native to the Boat Basin area, and one is guaranteed a satisfactory experience on every visit, filled with joy and laughter.


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