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Father's Day

How to Father’s Day in 48 Hours or Less

It is a truth universally acknowledged that shopping for Father’s Day is nearly impossible.


If you’ve gone over our Mother’s Day edition, you probably think we’re lousy children. Chances are, you’re right. It looks like the whole of Lahore is clueless as to what it should do for Father’s Day.


Where Mother’s Day brings out the “SALE SALE SALE” banners, Father’s Day is a bit more indirect. One of us was window shopping for a customized saddle the other day, for crying out loud.


To be fair, Father’s Day is also clashing with Eid ul Fitr and well, Lahoris have their priorities sorted out.


But if you’re one of us – jumping into a pool filled with kurtas and Peshawari chappals in search of presents exclusive to Father’s Day – you’d be wise to read ahead.





Father's Day

Credits: Doce


Okay maybe the fact that Father’s Day and Eid are overlapping isn’t a bad thing. Almost every bakery has well-crafted cakes and is producing large quantities at full throttle.


Pay a visit to your go-to bakery and pick up a cake you like.


If you don’t have a go-to, you can choose between Kitchen Cuisine, Masoom’s (Pancake Lounge), Green Valley and Dessert Directory. Or go a flavor you know your dad’ll love. If you don’t know what that is, go for a pineapple-cream cake: old-school and fail-safe. You’re good to go.


Father's Day

Credits: Jordan Mattieu


If you want to put in the blood, sweat and tears, go for a customized cake from an impressive home bakery.


You may think they won’t entertain your tiny order amongst a sea of Eid cakes, but you’re mistaken. Redolence is taking orders over the weekend and has exclusive Father’s Day themed cakes you can choose from. If you have a specific design in mind, though, Buttercream Bake Studio is taking customized orders over the weekend, so you can plug your Father’s Day schemes here as well.



(*cue* Screeching violin from ‘Psycho‘)


Father's Day

Credits: Annie Spratt


This one had us worried good. It’s just easier with Moms: there’s no such thing as too much jewelry. But there is such a thing as too many tie cases (Urooj learnt this the hard way). We’re just going to pray your dad isn’t picky.


You can’t go wrong with perfume or cologne. Unless of course you can; make sure your dad isn’t allergic to specific scents and ooooh make SURE he doesn’t have what you’re going for in his collection. It wouldn’t hurt if the scent is to your personal liking either (gotta have something in it for you).


If you really want to impress him, though, go for a nice, sleek leather product.


Jafferjees was made for recent-adults looking to gift stuff to their parents. If you haven’t been; i.e. haven’t gifted anything to your dad from here, do yourself and your dad a favor and head there right now.


Father's Day

Credits: Daria Shevtsova


When all else disappoints, literature never does.


Count your lucky stars if your dad’s into books, because HAH you’ll never run out of ideas. It’s okay if you don’t know what kind of reading he’s into, you can actually take him to a good bookstore, most of them are open on the second day of Eid and just let him explore on his own. He’ll either pick up what he likes, or cunningly look at the price of a title and put it back. That’s the one you need to look out for. Also, mark our words, there’s no better bonding than at a bookstore.


We’re deliberately not including clothes and accessories in this list because it’s Eid! You’ve been shopping far too much already. Cut it out! Also, we don’t care if you’re out of ideas.


Nothing justifies that “WORLD’S BEST DAD EVAH” mug/plate/cushion you’re considering.


Put it back. Right. Now.




Father's Day

Credits: Suhyeon Choi

Right so, you probably have far too many social engagements; because Eid. So we recommend a nice, peaceful tea with your parents. Afternoon, evening, late night, all of the above. You can’t go wrong with good tea.

If you don’t have confidence in your tea-making skills, that’s alright.

There’re plenty of options around town that resemble the drawing room of your dreams. English Tea House, Chaaye Khana, The Little Eatery and Chashni being some of them. Contrary to popular belief, they serve excellent tea: no, they’re not ‘too posh’ to do tea.


Woah, those are a lot of thoughts! We may be rotten children, but we’re rotten children with ideas. Go on then, salvage what you can from your forgetfulness.