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Fast Food Battles: Pakistan’s Crispy Chicken Burgers

NOTE: Fast Food Battles: Pakistan’s Crispy Chicken Burgers is a list comprised of options from fast food establishments ONLY.

Beef burger joints have been springing up like mushrooms these days, but no one seems to be looking at the chicken scene. WRONG. We have. Crispy chicken burgers in Pakistan have been evolving and evolving. Pakistan does a fantastic job of perfecting crispy chicken burgers and we have the nation’s most eligible bachelors listed below.

Without diving into my classic 30-minute openers, here’s our first of the series: Fast Food Battles: Pakistan’s Crispy Check Burgers.

Johnny and Jugnu



This one probably needs no introduction, but imma do it anyway. Johnny and Jugnu’s Wehshi Zinger has had people going nuts for a couple of years now. Affordable, spicy, fatty, and crispy, the Wehshi Zinger finds itself taking on the Mighty Zinger almost effortlessly.


The secret? The sauces of course; Chipotle or Atomic, Greek or Garlic Mayo? How about a mixture? Can do. It’s no wonder Johnny and Jugnu’s Wehshi Zinger, made with thigh pieces, wins the battle for the best crispy chicken burger. For those interested in white meat, the Fillet is where it’s at.

One Potato Two Potato



Major contender alert! OPTP has better chicken game than most roosters out there. From the nuggets to the fried chicken to the wings, OPTP has put serious thought into how they do their chicken. The Zing is the latest addition to the menu at OPTP, and I for one couldn’t be happier.


The perfect hybrid between a McCrispy and a Zinger, the Zing really, really zings. Spicy and crispy, it’s hot on the heels of J&J, and we’re loving every second of it. Double the Zing up and you get… The Big Zing of course. If you haven’t tried it, you’re an idiot.


ORDER: The Double McCrispy

double spicy mccrispy

The student is now the master! What started off as healthy competition for the Mighty Zinger at KFC turned into the de facto head of the Crispy Chicken Burger Society. While I’m not too impressed by the black pepper variants, the Double McCrispy combines the best of white meat, a sturdy set of buns, and that signature McDonald’s flavor to give a premium (yes I said it) burger experience.


Not as spicy or cheesy as I like but perfect for binge days and nights when you’re not really feeling like yourself. As if the standard McChicken wasn’t already outrageously good!

Kentucky Fried Chicken

ORDER: The Mighty Zinger


It’s kinda sad when pioneers find themselves trailing in the list for their own burger. But the Mighty Zinger is no joke. A deliciously tangy sauce that packs some heat drips over the double, crispy, spicy, oily mess that’ll make you want to go crying back to your mama. In a good way, of course.


It features sturdier buns than the regular Zinger, but KFC still has to get them right. They fall apart way too easy, and that’s no fun for anyone is it? Nonetheless, a Mighty is a Mighty, and a Mighty Zinger is never going to get old. Get in line, b*****s.


ORDER: Bangkok Beast


Two newcomers in one list, you say? Indeed. I recently had the pleasure of trying out CP Five Star on a whim. At a fraction of the cost of any of the burgers on this list (excluding the Wehshi Zinger), it was a pretty inexpensive experiment.


And the Bangkok Beast is SO worth it! Crunch central over here with a thick chicken patty; hell, I thought it was a double patty till I bit right into it. CP Five Star doesn’t really bring anything new to the table per se, but I can’t help but admire the low key champion that they have built. Welcome to our list, Bangkok Beast. Glad to have you.

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