06 Feb, Monday
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peach iced tea 0819bfy - Espresso Karachi: The Homecoming and Iced Tea

Espresso Karachi: The Homecoming and Iced Tea

Today I was shocked beyond reason, as shocked as a jaded food blogger can be. Not shocked and appalled, nope. Astounded, befuddled, and excited. Espresso Karachi did that to me. Confused? Read on to discover why.

After what can only be described as a weekend that makes you miss the sanity of weekdays, I headed to Dolmen Mall to indulge in a case of sulks. Life was but a dreary desert and I was in need of a delicious distraction. After a confusing experience at Esquire’s, I was actually stuck. I didn’t know where to go and what to eat. After deliberating in my car for ten minutes I half-heartedly headed into Espresso Karachi.


Espresso and I have a contentious relationship. Back in the early 2000s, Espresso Karachi was the place to be, this was before all these brand spanking sexy eateries popped up in Karachi.  A decade ago, Espresso was known for its coffee, cake, and cookies; we’ve all done a free cookie check-in, so don’t come at me.

Then, slowly and steadily, the very qualities which made Espresso stand out from the crowd were lost. The food quality was the first to take a hit, followed up by lackluster service and general sloppiness. Espresso wasn’t Espresso anymore. It became a generic, paint-by-numbers café.

Hence, I wasn’t exactly enthused to be back there. The ambiance was nice, I have to admit, as it has always been at their Dolmen Branch. Cushy booths wrapped around the open atrium-style setup. A perusal of the menu whetted my appetite. Poached eggs served on a bed of roasted beets? A breakfast sandwich combo? I went for the latter

Breakfast Sandwiches and Peach Iced Tea

The breakfast sandwich is made with the omelet of your choice, served with a house salad and a coffee, for the painless price of Rs 565. Not bad at all, no?

My glorious sandwich was the first to appear and I was super impressed right from the getgo. Soft fresh multigrain bread filled with delicious cheese and mushroom omelet, the cheese oozing over the freshly sliced tomatoes and rocket leaves. Beautiful and healthy! One bite and I was a goner.

I couldn’t believe that a simple basic sandwich could be so amazing. Each and every element was perfect. The bread was soft and not toasted within an inch of its life. The cheese and mushroom omelet had that soft, creamy texture of the cheese and the delicate fresh mushrooms, the rocket was crisp and peppery and the tomatoes were that perfect touch of sweetness.

In my opinion, the mark of a good chef/eatery is not in extravagant, over-the-top dishes, but when they can take an ordinary dish and elevate it to art. The cappuccino was perfection, also, shout out to the barista for my coffee portrait. My only complaint was that I wish I looked that good! The house salad wasn’t bad, but largely forgotten in front of the sandwich…

Back To You

I went to Espresso the very next day to try my luck again and was not disappointed. I ordered the Crispy Chicken Wrap and a Peach Iced Tea. Unlike most other weak iced teas, the first element I tasted was the tea itself; it was perfectly brewed, not bitter and acrid, just rich and flavorful. On its heels was the soft sweet fruity aftertaste of peach making it the perfect summer drink.

The wrap was also delicious, the chicken pieces were crispy and not coated to perdition with sauce. The cucumber and slaw stuffing was light and lovely, instead of being a mayo-induced nightmare. The accompanying fries were crisp, salty and not at all greasy.