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Emporium Mall

Emporium Mall Lahore: The Compact Guide

If you live in Lahore you are probably familiar with Emporium Mall. Located in Johar Town it is one of the most well-known shopping malls in the country. A project by the Nishat Group, it was opened to the public in June 2016 and has since been a successful source of entertainment for all.


In a nutshell:
  • One-stop destination for food and activities
  • Great selection of shops
  • Food court is better than Packages Mall
Pro Tips:
  • No stags allowed
  • Great cinema
  • Secure AF

The exterior is skillfully designed in grey with a hint of blue adorned with vertical yellow and white lights that glow as if imitating raindrops or a waterfall. The security precautions implemented in and around the mall are also very impressive.

The mall houses over 200 stores. Additionally, Emporium Mall Cinema is a nine-screen multiplex. The Emporium Mall food court is fully stocked and multi-level, and there is even an indoor amusement park to be found here. It also hosts fun events such as a circus, or the most recent ice cream museum. Emporium Mall is a perfect personification of its tagline; “everything for everyone.”


Emporium Mall

The mall is redecorated every season to commemorate the festive spirit and spread joy among visitors. Last Halloween, the mall had a pumpkin patch arranged on the ground floor with the entire ceiling swarming with bats, paper-cut of course.

Emporium Mall Lahore mostly thrives off its clothing and accessory outlets, with a couple of restaurants on the ground and first floor. The second floor is where the fun is at! There is a cinema, a trampoline park, and an ice skating rink here. The food court that can hold up to 3000 people is also located on the second floor.

Emporium Mall

The Boulevard, a corner that has a Parisian themed interior on level 2 works as a fashion avenue that holds items from renowned brands such as Sana Maskatiya, Zara Shahjahan and HSY. On level 3 sits an indoor amusement park, Fun Factory.

The amusement park is divided into two sections; soft play area and Dark City. Indicated by the names, a kids area and a play area for the grown-ups respectively. After much success with the park, Fun Factory has installed a new feature. Virtual reality gaming that the mall is so enthusiastically promoting by having it placed right in the middle of the ground floor.

Emporium Mall

Emporium Mall Lahore is home to many clothing, health/beauty, décor and food brands such as Adidas, Caanchi & Lugaari, Clair’s, Inglot, Punjab Medical Store, Interwood and Platter Junction. One can get eastern wear from brands like Khaadi, Alkaram and Agha Noor as well as western from Splash, Quiz, Mantra and Mango. Furthermore, there are many interesting food items that are being sold all around the mall such as churros, ice curls and bubble waffles. The food court offers a variety of Indian, Chinese and fast food restaurants. Bombay Chowpatty, China Town, Arcadian, Burger King and Cone Heads to name a few. Hyperstar, a grocery market is also located in the basement of the Mall.

Emporium Mall really is a one-stop-shop, just the way it claims to be. It is a secure and fun place to visit, perfect for people of all ages.

Emporium Mall Lahore Timings: 11AM- 11PM

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