06 Feb, Monday
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Edibowl: Not Your Moms Curry

There are days when all I’m really craving at the office is a good old home-cooked meal, and last Friday happened to be one such day. And so, while the rest of the office ordered in KFC for lunch, I made my way to Edibowl in Phase 5.

First Impressions

Before this, I had heard a few good reviews from a handful of colleagues and went into the establishment with high hopes. The two-story plaza was not grand by any stretch of the imagination but was clean and spacious nonetheless.

The food was laid out in a cafeteria-style display cart. I ordered the kaali masar ki daal (mungo bean lentil), curry, and chicken gravy, all served with a steep helping of white rice and two rotis; PKR 500 for a real feast.


Affordable and Plentiful

Within 10 minutes I was back at the office unpacking my meal(s), read to dig in. First up was the curry, which was thick but not pasty, with the perfect balance of salt and spice. The pakoras were a bit large for my liking but not tough to break. The dish didn’t feel too heavy on my stomach, the way curry often is.

The lentils were creamy, thick and full of flavor from the garlic tarka. A hefty plate of daal chawal is the ultimate desi comfort food, which is exactly what I needed that day.

The chicken gravy was the only disappointment as it wasn’t seasoned to my liking and was a bit on the greasy side. The meat was tender but the overall dish was not the masaledar chicken karahi I was expecting. It seemed as though there had been an explosion of oil in the shorba and only large chunks of chicken survived the assault. Not my favorite.

Two Thumbs Up

Seeing how economical this whole meal was and the fact that I was able to share it with two other colleagues it gets two thumbs up from me. The food was flavorful, clean, affordable, and homely. So if you need a good home-food fix, be sure to try out Edibowl. It’s guiltfree in more ways than one.