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eat2 - Eat Smart DHA: Because You Gotta

Eat Smart DHA: Because You Gotta

Have you ever been super motivated to have a healthier lifestyle but failed because maintaining a healthy diet is such an uphill battle? Cooking healthy meals every day that isn’t too tough on the taste buds requires skill and a whole lot of determination. Sometimes, I feel like our way of life is incompatible with a healthy lifestyle. That’s where Eat Smart DHA steps in.


With a rising interest in organic food, farmers markets, and 42-day challenges, there is also a growing interest in healthy eating. Subway is not the only option anymore for people who want to eat a proper salad or sandwich.



In a Nutshell:
  • One stop shop for healthy meals
  • Generous (calorie counted) servings
  • Dodgy delivery service
Pro Tips:
  • Try their shakes
  • Avail their weekly meal plans
  • Avoid the salad, go for the chicken mains




Eat Smart DHA

Picture Courtesy Eat Smart



Eat Smart DHA is a takeout spot which provides one of the most long-ranging menus for health-conscious eaters. The restaurant serves several kinds of salads, soups, sandwiches, wraps, oatmeal, smoothies, cold-pressed detox juices, one-day detox cleanse, and options for main courses. Yep, all that. They even have breakfast options!


What sets them apart from Subway is their weekly meal plan, by which you can preorder healthy food delivered to you all week, as many times a day. The plans range from PKR 2500 (for a medium salad and a 250ml juice) to PKR 5700 (for the main course, medium salad, and sandwich) for five days a week. They don’t have an option to mix and match the choices on their Facebook page, though, which I always feel should be an option in all weekly plans.


Eat Smart DHA also has a really effective delivery system which runs through their Facebook page and Food Panda. All of Eat Smart’s food comes with a noted calorie count to help you follow your health regimen.


Although I have always heard good reviews for Eat Smart DHA, I have often had complaints on delivery. I ordered a Chipotle Chicken Salad once, which was supposed to be ‘Chipotle spiced tender chicken with quinoa, red and yellow bell peppers, sweet corn, rocket leaves, avocado and cherry tomatoes with Chipotle Dressing.’ I didn’t see any red and yellow bell peppers, or sweet corn, or cherry tomatoes in my salad. There was just a lot of red cabbage. Cabbage is bland, can barely be seasoned. Uncooked it retains its earthy, deep flavor, and overrides the rest of the vegetables because of its quantity, which was disappointing. The chicken was seasoned really well and had that biting spice of chipotle, which went really well with the salad, but I wish the chicken was marinated more because I feel the meat could have added greater flavor to the salad.


Eat Smart DHA


The real saving grace of the salad, however, was the chipotle dip the restaurant gave. Two tiny containers had apple chipotle chutney which went amazingly with the salad. The chutney was sweet and sour, and so rich in flavor, that it overrode the flavor of the red cabbage, and any blandness in the vegetables. Honestly, I was deeply impressed by it. The entire meal was 250 calories, and their serving size was quite good. I was actually really happy with the copious amount of chicken added to the salad.


Apart from the vegetable hiccup, that Eat Smart DHA often does (perhaps calling and asking not to do it if you order from home would help?), the salad was fulfilling, healthy, and cheap. A medium salad cost PKR 320, and I couldn’t finish the single helping in one go.


From their main entrées, I gave the Chicken and Herb Steak a go. It was served with sautéed vegetables and brown rice and was, for all intents and purposes, a fulfilling, meal. Often, people on a strict diet cannot eat out, or indulge their cravings, because dining out requires a lot of calories! This entree had about 500 calories and was delectable. The sauce was a bit runny because it didn’t have cream, but very flavorful, and went really well with the chicken and the brown rice. I particularly enjoyed the brown rice, which was probably tossed in some herbs, because they were quite rich in flavor on their own. The chicken was well marinated and did not lack flavor either.


I also recommend their Banoffee Smoothie, which is made from the restaurant made caramel sauce, banana, yogurt, low-fat milk, honey and ice, and contains 222 calories. The smoothie is amazing, tastes like bananas in peanut butter. It is actually very heavy and seems to be a pretty good replacement for a meal.



Eat Smart values its customers, and often treats regular customers with free meals.  Their menu has options for everyone and their food tastes just as good as non-healthy food, is affordable on a daily basis and keeps you fit! So, Eat Smart can definitely be your one-stop-shop for healthy eating.


Eat Smart, Lahore, +9232 00009656


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