14 Jul, Tuesday
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doodh patti

Doodh Patti: A Painless Midday Power Up

The trend of gentrified dhabas and tea cafes doesn’t seem to be dying out anytime soon. On the contrary, the trend seems to be going as strong as ever. New to this old scene is Doodh Patti which opened its doors to customers a few months ago. This tiny yet adorable venture is positioned on Defence Road, near the outskirts of Bahria Town, and is owned by a student of the University of Central Punjab.

Order Up

A few days ago, I spotted Doodh Patti on my way back from work and felt a sudden urge for a good cup of tea. I swiftly parked my car and entered the café. I was immediately greeted by an efficient server who led me to a cosy table and handed over the short menu. It offered a variety of snacks and a small but exciting selection of warm beverages: black tea, masala chai, karak chai, and of course, doodh patti chai (milk tea). I ordered the Doodh Patti (Milk Tea) Special Tea and order of the Masala Fries.

Once my order was noted I started taking in the surrounding. The tiny setup was a bit stuffy yet charismatic. A large wall was covered in framed images of tea focused memes, which managed to get a few laughs out of me.

The furniture here was basic and casual, fitting right in with the overall laidback vibe of Doodh Patti. The ceiling sported two wooden chandeliers which created a dreamy dramatic golden glow; perfect for a lonely tea lover like me.

Doodh Patti + Fries

The waiter soon arrived with a glass cup of tea and a small basket of fries. The fries were hot, crispy, and swathed in a spicy masala. They weren’t filthy like the Liberty fries we all love and adore, instead, they tasted clean and homemade. Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but they were delicious nonetheless.

The tea was fragrant, thick, and karrak (strong-brewed). Though I prefer my tea a little milky (I know, the horror) I must admit this tea has something special. Maybe, it was the cardamom or the exorbitant amounts of sugar I added, but with every sip, I felt my tensions melting away. Although it was hot, I downed it within a matter of seconds.


My experience at the café was remarkable. Both the owner and staff remained on their toes to ensure flawless delivery of service and premium customer care. The prices here were super economical, and I can definitely see myself as a regular customer. After all, I need my daily cup of tea to maintain my sanity.