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Dolmen Mall

Dolmen Mall Clifton: Revolutionizing the Retail Landscape

When you think of large shopping malls in Karachi, you inevitably think of Dolmen Mall. That’s because there’s no one competing. That being said, Dolmen Mall has blown all – if any – competition out of the water.

For starters, it’s a magnificent piece of infrastructure. The design is cutting edge, and the high standards of maintenance and upkeep prevail. The general atmosphere too is tip-top. But this doesn’t mean Dolmen Mall is perfect. Dolmen Mall needs to lead.

Dolmen Mall Clifton is perched on Sea View Road, under the Harbor Front Building which is an iconic landmark in Karachi. The Mall is beautiful to look at during the evening when the sun has set and the sky is a gradient of light to dark blue. You’ll find that this is the best time to look at the mall from the outside because that’s when they turn on the lights.


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When you enter the mall from the main entrance, you’ll be greeted by Dolmen’s state-of-the-art air conditioning and the smell of waffles, fragrances, and capitalism. You’ll be introduced to the main square of the malls where events usually take place because of how good the view is from all of the floors.

The mall is chock-full of ‘rich people places’, and that’s what Dolmen essentially is: a ‘rich people’ place where the barrier to entry is how well you are dressed and how rich you look.



Dolmen Mall is a great hangout spot for teenagers because of how safe it is compared to other places in Karachi. You could even say that Dolmen Mall has played a significant role in defining the culture of Karachi’s youth. It’s the first of its kind. This is the kind of grip it has on the youth of Karachi. When I say that Dolmen has a responsibility I mean that Dolmen should encourage inclusivity over exclusivity. Safe, inclusive, fun. Isn’t that what malls are about in the first place?

The hypermarket in Dolmen Mall happens to be called Hyperstar (now Carrefour). It’s an important part of what makes Dolmen Dolmen. You’ll find that it has everything from USB cables to pillows to Shan Masala and that too at the cheapest prices. It comes as no surprise that Hyperstar rakes in most of the cash spent at Dolmen Mall.



The Food Court is on the top floor and is probably one of the biggest food courts in a mall in Karachi. All of the big restaurants in Karachi are there because it’d make no sense for them to not be there. The Dolmen Food Court also happens to have some exclusive restaurants like Noodle House or Hakka Chine, both of which are actually quite good. You’ll find businessmen, families, groups of friends of all kinds, and couples here on first or last dates. The seats are usually sufficient, but on certain days it can be hard to find a spot. It’s also probably the cleanest food court in Karachi.

There is also a Sinbad on the third floor next to the food court where parents can drop off their kids while they can do their shopping.

Dolmen Mall has the potential to shape Karachi’s culture. So why not do it?