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Dogar Restaurant

Dogar: Flavors That Remind You of Home

Dogar is perhaps one of the most underrated restaurant chains in Lahore. As ubiquitous (especially in Defence) as Gloria Jeans, almost every sector has its own variation of it. Once, I called the wrong branch and asked for the other branch’s number. The animosity I sensed was akin to that between different Lahore Grammar Schools in the city!



Is there anything better than comfort food delivered to your doorstep? Not for Musirah Farrukh. The Channa Daal Fry, Aalu Qeema, and Parathas at Dogar help this out-of-towner miss home-cooked food a bit less every time she orders.



I am most partial to the Dogar in H-Block. It has yet to disappoint me in terms of food quality or delivery. Their food is consistently well-prepared and delicious, and once you place an order with them, you live on in their database till you are ready to order again. It is always nice to be remembered.


What’s impressive about Dogar is that despite being a somewhat unsophisticated establishment, it is surprisingly organized. They have a proper concierge desk where a teller takes the order. In fact, I have found their delivery service to be much more efficient than even McDonalds’. And the way their servers can recite the menu is definitely something that deserves praise and wonder.  The menu is similarly surprising. From biryanis, nihari, barbeque and Chinese to pizzas, salads and all sorts of milkshakes, Dogar has it all. They also have a ‘chatpata’ (spicy) snack menu with chaats and gol gappay.


Dogar serves a mean Channa Daal Fry. It has a thick layer of oil on the top which is not for the faint-hearted. However, it is so aromatic, and flavorful that I would even go so far as to say it is one of the best dishes on Dogar’s extensive menu. The masala is spicy but the heat does not burn the taste buds. The daal holds its shape and yet it melts in your mouth with a jolt of flavor. With a Roghni Naan fresh from the oven, sprinkled with sesame seed, it is the perfect, budget-friendly desi meal. Their serving sizes are also quite generous which is why I recommend getting half portions if you want to sample a few different items on their menu.


Dogar’s Biryani is decent; a spicy version of pulao rice with color as is customary in Lahore. Their Qeema Aalu is also a lunch favorite. The chicken mince is tender. It also looks and tastes clean which is refreshing given the humbleness of the establishment. It can be a gamble to order mince in many similar restaurants. This Qeema is also another menu item that almost tastes like home-cooked food. It is not too spicy or too bland and has less oil compared to the Channa Daal Fry. Their barbecue items too are worth ordering; especially if you are health conscious and do not want a heart attack on a platter.


Another one of my favorite items at Dogar is their Paratha. Dogar H-Block is one of the few places I have found in Defence that makes whole-wheat breakfast Parathas and offers them for home-delivery. These are much healthier than the white flour variety that is commonly available in the frozen food aisle in supermarkets. The Paratha is layered and flaky just as a good paratha always should be. Coupled with a basic Pakistani omelet, also served there (with more onions than egg), the Paratha-Anda combo makes for an exquisite desi breakfast.


As an out-of-towner, I appreciate places that deliver normal home-type food to my doorstep. Dogar is one of my go-to places for a quick, fulfilling meal. The excellent service and low prices are an added bonus.


Dogar Restuarant, H block, (92)42 35890674




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