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bahria town country club

Dining at the Bahria Town Country Club

On occasion, when Bahria Town residents find it hard to travel towards the hub of Lahore for some recreation they resort to The Bahria Town Country Club. It stands proudly as the finest entertainment spot in the vicinity. Whether one is in the mood to soak up the sun or spend quality time with family, The Bahria Town Country Club offers a promising experience. The countless number of facilities such as fine dining, golf, gymnasium, swimming, and a small zoo makes it a perfect combination of relaxation, extravagance, and sophistication.



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Dining at the Bahria Town Country Club



Last week, when a burning desire to spend some quality time in a peaceful and scenic setting hit me, I set out to visit the club. The extravagant ambiance of the aesthetically designed reception is enough to enthrall the patrons. The presence of taxidermied antelope heads on the walls was adding a whimsy appeal to the settings. It was 7:30 pm and the timing called for a dinner, I headed towards the restaurant. The Bahria Town Country Club houses twin restaurants; the Fairways Rendezvous and the Maroush Grill. The first is marked for a fine dining experience but if you yearn for a sizzling Bar B Q then Maroush Grill is the right place, and so I headed towards it. I was greeted by a waiter who ushered me to a cozy table. The place wasn’t too busy at this hour.



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In a couple of minutes, I had a menu card on my table. I opened it up and went through my set of choices. I felt a sudden craving for something cheesy and so I ordered a cheese Naan as my appetizer. For the main course, I sought to order the beef Farmajoo steak and chicken Reshmi kabab. I was informed that beef steaks were not available. Baffled, I settled for the same in chicken.

After placing the order, I took a look around. It was a long rectangular shaped hall. In the middle, in an open kitchen, chefs were busy preparing the Bar. B. Q. The interior of the restaurant lent me mixed feelings. In general, the light and ambiance were pleasant. The glass wall made it possible to enjoy the spectacular view of the divine landscaping and the running fountains. The background music was strong enough to enhance the dining experience of the patrons.



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However, the fixtures weren’t in good condition. The table mats weren’t meeting the standard, and seats were worn out. The heaps of sofa cushion in the hall were further making the environment bit rowdy.

On a higher note, the service was efficient. The waiters were attending the patrons with the requisite professionalism. I was soon served my cheese naan. The yeasty aroma of the naan was tremendously inviting, I couldn’t stop my hands from reaching for it. The oven fresh naan, with crispy edges and generous amounts of mozzarella, was a perfect pick.

The chicken reshmi kababs served with mint yogurt won me over in a second. The enticing aroma of the spices and charcoal knocked me off of my feet. The texture was as reshmi (smooth) as the name.  The great thing about them was that they were succulently grilled which, in my opinion, is the secret to the perfect mouth-watering kababs.





The steak was served in a platter. The presentation was nice, and the sides looked tempting too. The chicken was well marinated, covered in a red sauce and fully loaded with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Sides included celery, a baked potato topped with sour cream, crumbled fried onion, and two slices of garlic bread. The crunchy fried onions and the baked potato topped with sour cream were particularly delicious. The garlic bread was a total disaster. It lacks the requisite crispiness and right amount of garlic.



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Bahria Town Country Club and Golf Course



Overall, my meal was a success. I ended up having a bloated stomach owing to the toothsome food and overwhelming cheese.  A walk in the beautiful golf course became an obligation. I went out and strolled on the turf of the golf course. The small lighthouse was making a visible appearance at one end of the ground.





Although I have never seen a real lighthouse outside of movies I have always found them mesmerizing. Upon seeing one in the ground, I went closer to it. The magnetic splendor of the little white house pulled me in and I stood below and gazed at it for quite a while. The gentle cool breeze, the spellbinding night view of the palm trees, the running fountains and soft lights added magic to the night. The nighttime serenity has made The Bahria Town Country Club an ideal place where I can take a pause, whenever I found the bustling life of Lahore conspiring to rob my peace and tranquillity.