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detoxcover - Detox Bar: Kicking, Screaming, Juicing

Detox Bar: Kicking, Screaming, Juicing

When it comes to health and fitness, I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. I oscillate between two extremes. I’m either totally obsessed with counting my calories, religiously doing X number of push-ups/lunges/squats while simultaneously powering through bicep curls and following that up with intermittent fasting. On the flip side, you might find me eating potato chips, flipping through FoodPanda and figuring out where my next meal is coming from. My husband once found me in a chocolate induced coma on the futon couch, surrounded by a mountain of Hershey wrappers.

So I finally (for the hundredth time) decided that it’s time to take my expanding waistline seriously and embark on a feasible fitness regimen. I shimmied on over to Studio X for their incredible yoga classes. So there I was, sweating away through warrior 1 and 2, when I saw a sight which ensured that I will henceforth attend every yoga class.

Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet, “what light through yonder window breaks?” Well, in my case, it wasn’t a light through the window, but a row of fluorescent green pineapples.





After following the trail of pineapples, I stumbled upon the Ultimate Detox Juice Bar. The brainchild of Yogi Salina Taqi and fitness trainer Fuzzy Faruque, this place will prompt the laziest couch potato into a health freak.  A simple and elegant set-up, the gorgeous stools simply beg to be sat upon, while the servers prepare the cold-pressed juice/smoothie of your choice. And you have a lot of options to peruse! Salina and Fuzzy also offer juice cleanses, with a full set of juices to be consumed on a 1 day to a 3 day period. I won’t even pretend to consider committing to a day without food, but it’s a great option for those with some fortitude.

Juices are my jam and I’ve been indulging at the Detox Bar after every class. I have personally tried 3 of the products on offer, and boy oh boy are they insane.





The spicy Lemon Cleanser was my first. Lemon, raw honey, cayenne pepper, and flax seeds make up a drink which looks incredibly refreshing. This is not lemonade, people! The pepper and lemon hit you immediately, and the burn of the cayenne tapers off with a hint of honey. This is the perfect drink when you want to feel super-duper healthy, in the afterglow of a successful yoga session.

The delicious Slim Queen was next up, a mixture of apple, orange, banana, and coconut milk with a dash of cinnamon- it was phenomenal. Every element was balanced perfectly. I felt like a queen while sipping it, although not a slim one, alas!

The BeetGlow juice was the last of the trio. Beetroots, carrots, oranges, and apples, with a sprinkling of turmeric and lemon, make for a delicious crimson concoction. I am not a fan of beetroot…but after this juice, I could be.

There are many other options to choose from, not to mention the Juice Bar also has healthy snacks on offer, like date and apple cookies, almond butter, granola bars, and banana muffins.  





Clean, convenient and classy! It is little pricey (prices start at Rs 180 and go up to Rs 550) but the location and convenience are enough for this juice fanatic to accept the price tag attached. What’s not to love about the Ultimate Detox Juice Bar? I may not be brave enough to go through the full day juice cleanse, but I can indulge in choosing the smoothie/juice of my choice after each class, and feel incredibly healthy, and phenomenally fit while doing so.