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Edited 4 1 - Urban Living in Defence Club Lahore

Urban Living in Defence Club Lahore

Lahore offers various lodging options; if you’re visiting the city and want to experience urban life, Defence Club (J block) is the place for you. It’s nestled in a calm neighborhood, within few minutes’ drive from both H and Y blocks. The significance of either of these blocks for most Lahoris can never be ignored. H block is where you’ve got everything under a budget and Y block’s where most things go a little over – to say the least.


If you’re planning a trip to Lahore and want to be in close proximity to some sizable eateries and boutiques, then this is the place for you. While most will agree on Gulberg offering ‘everything a metropolis needs’, Defence for most, like myself, has served the same purpose for well over a decade. If you have some time off and want to experience Lahore for its modernity and its cultural heritage, Defence Club’s got you sorted. It’s closely located to virtually all major road networks granting you access to the entire city.



in a nutshell:
  • Practically the only option in DHA
  • Country club experience
  • Clean as a whistle
Pro Tips:
  • Take advantage of the closet space
  • No laptops allowed at the coffee shops!
  • A great brunch


Defence Club




The guest rooms of this luxurious club are furnished to provide you with utmost comfort. All rooms come with a great view, especially the ones located at the rear of the Guest House. Imagine waking up surrounded by nature. The freshly-cut grass with new potted plants against breathtaking landscapes are sure to calm your nerves. The rooms are cozy and well-lit. With enough closet space and bathroom mirrors, Defence Club allows messy dressers to put away their clothing items and their worries, and just take some time off from decluttering. Now who wouldn’t need that?


But this isn’t all. The multitude of recreational facilities available at the Club can also be utilized by all guests. These include a gymnasium, swimming pools, a tennis court, a library and a walking track. The Community Club has various restaurants and cafes offering delicious food varieties; from Moroccan to Italian, and from Chinese to tea snacks.



Defence Club



After a long day of staying in shape, you can relax at the Coffee Shop and a generous serving of their… well, everything. They’ve got the best finger fish and apple pie, contrary to Lahoris’ verdict for most other places. The soft apple filling in pastry melts in your mouth, leaving a strong apple and cinnamon aftertaste. Finger fish is always crispy and golden brown on the outside and with each bite the flesh calmly pulls through. Their chocolate mousse cake is to die for! Smothered in chocolate and with a large cup of hot cappuccino, the glimmering distant lights and beautiful potted plants set the tone for a British tea-party. Very few places get their weekly brunch right, but Defence Club goes beyond right!


Defence Club



The Chinese Restaurant offers Sunday brunch, with the best continental food I can think of. Every Saturday night, the BBQ Garden savors the best assortment of desi and continental varieties for their dinner buffet. Their food is freshly prepared too, which should be a norm by now. This is where it gets crazy; barbecue meets your not-so-desi salads and a whirlwind of flavors are spun. While I don’t prefer the melancholic lip-syncing of the singer there, most have appreciated it. The delicious food under the open sky uplifts my spirits every time I’m there.



If you are planning to come to Lahore, and experience the city life in all its glory, Defence Club is the place where you should be staying at!

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