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DAC F - Defence Authority Club: Keep it Exclusive

Defence Authority Club: Keep it Exclusive

Defence Authority Club is a member exclusive club located in Phase 2 of DHA Karachi. It is a place for members to dine, relax or be productive in a calm and beautiful environment. It is also equipped to provide sports and gym facilities. A select few non-members can also access the amenities provided by Defence Authority Club at a premium price.

The Defence Authority Club is also a great venue for social gatherings with both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. There is a bakery and a dining hall indoors, both provide excellent food and service. However, the outdoor seating provides a little something extra.



The outdoor area is massive, with innovative landscaping, dancing fountains and colored lights that they frequently change to keep visitors astounded. There are swing sets and see-saws spread across the lawns and for teenagers and adults, they have tennis and squash courts.

Other than that the Defence Authority Club also provides swimming and gym facilities. Members have access to a small movie theater which can be booked for larger parties in advance. The club also has a beauty salon which I have observed to be one of the busiest centers within the club.

My favorite aspect of the club is their dining facility where food is always laid out in a Buffet, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ranging from BBQ to Italian cuisine, there is so much to be enjoyed at the club and every item is of the highest standard in both taste and cleanliness.



One thing worth commending is that the facility is completely wheelchair accessible. This shows that a lot of thought was put into making the club as inclusive to those with disabilities as possible.

The Defence Authority Club also provides rooms for lodging. These rooms can be accessed through the balcony and have no indoor access point. They are incredibly comfortable, maintaining the quality of service expected from the DA Club name. Each room has a beautiful view from the balcony of the club.

The club is very mindful of the type of community it creates within its premises, in order to make the environment comfortable for all members. The application process for membership requires an application followed by an interview by the board. This is done to ensure the type of people that are granted membership are aware of the standards they will be held to.

In conclusion, Defence Club is one of the best clubs in Karachi that keeps on improving and evolving to provide families and guests with quality leisure time, both indoors and outdoors.