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days in - Days Inn Hotel: No Need to Break the Bank

Days Inn Hotel: No Need to Break the Bank

Days Inn is located on main Shahrah-e-Faisal. If you’re going there directly from the airport then it’ll be quite an easy route to take not to mention a convenient one.  The lobby is quite small considering the size of the building but it is quite decent, with clean, modern furniture and design. The hotel also happens to offer a pick and drop service that I later learned about after my stay, and the reception staff is well trained in helping you settle down in a room to rest up after tiresome traveling, with minimum hassle. The initial impression, from the sanitary smell of the lobby to the warm smile on the guard’s face, and the soft jazz playing in the background, is that of a mature, well-maintained hotel that will manage to not break the Bank.




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Days Inn is one of the decent  3-star Hotels in Karachi with a good variety of different rooms to choose from. The rooms and suites they offer start at Rs. 5000 with the largest suite going to about Rs. 25000. The largest suite can accommodate 4 people and it is also the most luxurious suite available. You can also choose to check out the virtual tours that are offered by  Days Inn to help you choose which kind of suite you would like to stay in. The security happened to be quite friendly especially to families.





My interactions with the staff also happened to be quite pleasant, but there usually were a lot of interactions where I felt that the staff member is a bit grumpy, but I don’t know if anyone can be blamed of that. This sort of grumpiness has as much to do with the employee themselves as it does with dissatisfactory wages and working conditions, as well as staff training. Days Inn could certainly step up their services in this regard. I was glad to find that Days Inn offers 24/7 service which very few 3-star hotels in Karachi actually do: the restaurant is open from breakfast to dinner, while a cafe for snacks, tea, and coffee is open around the clock.  





The fitness club or gym was also quite good, with clean, well-maintained equipment that may not meet all your workout needs but should be more than enough to maintain your regime during a short stay at the hotel – I especially liked going there during the morning because all the equipment was usually free during that time. I stayed in the largest suite in Days Inn and found it was not worth the money with the bland furniture and poor comfort. The room seems to give off the distinct sense that all the furniture and fabric had been inundated with dust – and the slightly cloudy glasses left in the room certainly did not help minimize the musty vibe. The bed sheets could have been crisper, the duvet could have smelt more flowery, the carpeting could have been softer, the TV could have been more modern, the window could have offered a more luxurious view – these are all reasonable shortcomings one can identify when they have paid this much for a room and expect only the best.



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Perhaps Days Inn would be best suited to being a mid-range consideration in terms of price. The hotel is certainly a step up from inns like Hotel Faran, and even smaller guesthouses to be found around Karachi. It also offers some of the facilities that one will find in the more expensive hotels, such as twenty-four-hour service, a gym, and a touch of exclusivity in service and feel. However, there is no doubt about the fact that the best, most expensive rooms in Days Inn are not only not a match for standard rooms at a hotel like Movenpick, but are also not worth the price compared to Days Inn’s own cheaper offerings.





The rooms that stay under Rs 10 000, for example, will net you all the services and amenities that the more expensive rooms will, such as the gym and pick and drop service, but without the ridiculous price. Additionally, while the cheaper rooms aren’t as extravagant as the executive suites, the slight mustiness is much easier to come to terms with when one is paying five thousand rupees instead of twenty-five!