09 Aug, Tuesday
39° C

Daewoo Express: One Last Time

“It’s time to change my travel partner,” I thought while stepping down from the Daewoo. I bashed myself for having booked the service in the first place and solemnly swore to never do so again.




Daewoo bus service is the first option that springs to mind whenever I plan on embarking on any journey. This is perhaps because it was once known for delivering the best and most consistent service. A recent experience, however, opened up my eyes to how terrible it has become.


On the day of my departure, while I was hurriedly shoving my stuff in the bag, the beep of an incoming message got my attention. My bus timings had been pushed forward a few hours. Frustrated, I slowed down my bag packing and rested a while.


I arrived at the Daewoo terminal at 8:00 am for the boarding time of 8:30 am. The terminal was well kept and smoothly operating. I got in the queue to buy the ticket, this took a while as only one staff person was attending all three queues. A need to optimize the ticket acquiring process was evident.







Soon enough the Daewoo bus trundled the terminal. The journey began with the usual announcement by the bus hostess pertaining to the travel time and stay duration. I looked around, and the appalling interior of the bus made sigh deeply. The seats were uncomfortable, covered in filth and were torn. Throughout the journey, my seat shook with every minor bump in the rugged path. I jostling back and forth in an uncomfortable rhythm.


Soon after, my body began to sweat; I tried to turn on the AC over my seat but failed. I pressed the button to call the Daewoo hostess and it too wasn’t operational. Irritated, I got up from my seat and signaled her for assistance. To my surprise, she endeavoured to fix the AC by embedding a piece of paper between the circular vents. Unsurprisingly, it failed to have the desired impact.


I shrugged my shoulders and tried to find some escape in music. The moment I plugged in the headphones I discovered that the socket too was out of order. Frustrated, I connected the headphone with the LCD but all I could hear was static. I requested a different set of headphones but the hostess declined my request. I sunk back in confusion and thinly veiled disdain.




I pushed aside the curtains and tried to indulge myself in the view but the journey had revolted me to the extent that the passing scenes became a hazy blur. I closed my eyes and took a nap but was immediately awoken by a feeling of suffocation. The driver had turned off the AC. Feeling agitated, I inquired about the matter and the apathetic driver advised me to RELAX. I was assured that the AC would be functional again shortly. The scorching heat, a fully packed locked bus, and the dysfunctional ACs made me feel claustrophobic. This discomfort lasted throughout the journey.


The Daewoo hostess came by with a lunch box which contained a packet of chips, a sandwich, and a candy. Disappointed, I closed the box and put in a compartment with no intention of retrieving it.


All of a sudden, the brakes screeched and every person on the ride lurched forward. We arrived at Bhera, which was to be our resting spot for the next half hour. The break allowed me some relief. I stretched my body and treated myself to some snacks. Once we were shuffled back onto the bus I spent the rest of my ride biding my time.  





I luckily survived the ordeal. As I collected my bag, I cast one last loathsome look at my travel partner. Never again.