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feature 1 - C+G Picks: Our Daachi 2019 Favorites

C+G Picks: Our Daachi 2019 Favorites

Lahore’s celebrated Daachi Arts & Crafts Exhibition was in full-swing last weekend. Daachi 2019 brought together craftsmen and vendors from all four provinces under one roof in a three-day fiesta of culture and craft.

The Daachi 2019 souk offered a myriad of good; from paintings to artisanal soaps, and everything in between. Spoilt for choice as we were, a few vendors just stood out for us:

Rabal Jewellery

Rabal Jewelry has been on my radar for a hot minute. The online store displayed at Daachi 2019 and just to be able to see their jewelry up close had me swooning. Rabal specializes in crafting contemporary pieces with a traditional aesthetic. Their unique baali and jhumkay pair well with everything and anything; from a saari to a casual t-shirt. And although I wanted to blow my entire paycheck here, there was a certain piece that called out to me- these chaand baalis.

Our Pick: These stunning peacock chaand-baalis


Meem Candle Studio

Meem Candle Studio popped up on my social media late last year, and since then this local candle craft shop has become everyone’s go-to for a luxe and exciting candle. Their stall at Daachi 2019 was absolutely swamped and I was unable to buy anything, but it’s fine because they deliver all over the city. Check out their online store and just pick your poison.

My Pick: Sweet dreams are made of meem's apple crumble candle

meem vertical

Paper Talks

I came across Paper Talks at Daachi 2019, and I can not believe I didn’t know about them any sooner. These beautiful wall hangings add a unique touch to any corner of your home. Paper Talks brings the unique & intricate art of origami, with a specialization is Kusudama- a beautiful ornament to decorate your homes with. Colorful and absolutely mesmerizing, you really need to check them out. You’ll be tempted to hoard.

My Pick: Honestly absolutely everything they create is a work of art, everything.

paper talks

Laal o Laal

Laal O Laal is all about color and the passion to do something a little different with the same old. They make handcrafted goods and accessories that add color to your homes and wardrobes. Their list of goods includes laptop covers, notebooks, bags and totes, picture frames, cushions, you name it they’ve got it. I had my eyes on set on their brand new range of cushions, and can you blame me? 

My Pick: A throw pillow that adds a quick and fun pop of color to any dreary furniture



If you’ve been to Polly and Other Stories, you’re probably already familiar with Greyscale. The sell a wide assortment of functional and beautiful concrete products. I’ve got a tiny succulent planter that I scored at Daachi 2019 but picking it was a battle and a half. The design philosophy of Greyscale is combining elements of nature with grey, polished concrete to create items that become the focal point of any space.

My Pick: These artistic planters/sculptures.


Mosaics by Amna

Mosaics by Amna has been one of Lahore’s best-kept secret since 2010, which is why I was so pleasantly surprised to see them displaying at Daachi 2019. Every piece os a unique, hand-crafted, majestic wonder of color. Amna Aslam creates tables, trays, bowls, jewelry boxes, ceramic plates and so much more. I was tempted to pick up every piece and just stare at it on end. True craftsmanship goes into making every item as unique as a fingerprint.

My Pick: The rocking horse book-ends

mosaics by amna


Guldozi proved to be another Daachi 2019 find for me. While everyone and their mom is busy making hand-painted khussas, Guldozi has a brand new twist on contemporary khussas. Their khussas deliver a double whammy with hand-sewn quirky embroidery, with each khussa being an absolute delight. The expert craftsmanship and quality shines brightly.

My Pick: The bright yellow basant-themed khussas, with hand embroidered kites.


I am already nostalgic for Daachi. Come back soon!

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