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Creamello: The Best Cold Coffee in Town

The tacky exterior, matched by a similar interior greets you at Creamello. But don’t let it discourage you from entering the ice cream shop. Of course, visiting it is a whole other story since it requires a special visit to North Nazimabad. For most of Karachi, this happens once in a blue moon. However, if you happen to visit you’ll find many interesting ice cream parlors and fast food joints in the area.





Checking out Creamello


I was visiting North Nazimabad for a friend’s birthday surprise. Right after the short layover, a few friends and I deiced to check out Creamello. The place was decorated with cheesy food-related quotes that I’ve seen floating around on Facebook over the years. A board announced the various flavors and items on offer. The flavors are all named exquisitely with interesting descriptions. For example one of the sundaes is titled “Love Potion” and was a mix of strawberry and cherry ice creams with blueberry sauce and assorted food decorations. There’s a bit of creativity involved.







We ordered an Ice Lava, Cherry Blast and Cold Coffee. The Ice Lava was a typical lava cake served with ice cream and cherries. The texture of the fudge sauce- although a bit disappointing – was compensated for by the ice cream and so it made the dish taste infinitely better.

The sitting space is good enough for an ice cream parlor however the lighting is too bright. I usually prefer dessert spots to represent a dim homely setting because desserts are somewhat of an intimate connection with food. Creamello relies on the “ice cream makes everyone happy” aspect instead. Eugh. The bright lights and colorful interiors make the place a very jovial affair. The blueberry ice cream was decent; fluffy and soft and with the right amount of flavor. But the berry sauce was quite disappointing. It was too sweet and destroyed the flavor of the ice cream.







That Cold Coffee Though


The best part of this entire assortment was the cold coffee. Probably the best I’ve had my entire life. That’s saying something, considering how I’m a big time coffee lover. I was shocked I hadn’t heard about Creamello’s coffee before this. It was rich and creamy and had the right amount of bitterness, the kind that coffee should. Driving halfway across Karachi seemed to have been worth it.