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Crabbing in Karachi: Fresh On the Boat

Is life a little lack-luster as of late? Is the megacity of Karachi too much for your fragile soul? Does your monotonous schedule make you want to run for the hills? Hold that thought. Head to the sea. The port of Kemari town offers the quintessential experience of Crabbing in Karachi.

Crabbing allows you to enjoy freshly caught crustaceans, cooked by seasoned captains and their assistants. All while the gentle, swerving waves of the deep blue Arabian sea rock your worries away.

Your arrival at the port will be greeted by eager vendors urging you into acquiring their services, tempting you with huge discounts. Freshly-caught seafood and stalls displaying bait for your impending endeavor will be stacked high. Watch as the proud captains of small sea vessels make tall claims about their eligibility to be charged with your business, and life. It is an experience within itself.


crabbing in karachi

Now I say captains, but I hope you don’t expect a uniform-clad, buzz-cut sporting, young and confident marine soldier.  The young and confident bit holds true, but on these captains, it may come across as recklessness. Don’t let it frighten you. These men know what they’re doing – for the most part.

If you’re happy simply being cradled by the sea while feasting on mouthwatering delights, that’s essentially what crabbing is. Some captains will also provide you with a quick fishing lesson. If you’re into that, discuss it with your captain beforehand and don’t forget to buy the right bait (tiny prawns).

Morning would be the best time to head for this magical experience. If you haven’t already booked a ride, you will need some time to look around. With so many captains offering their services, nighttime scouting can be a daunting task. It’s good to establish a basic level of comfort with the person being charged with your life, after all.

Daytime crabbing is also better if you want to enjoy the scenery: mostly deep blue water reflecting the blue sky, and some nearby boats carrying  people with similar interests

That is not to say that crabbing in Karachi is not enjoyable during the night, although the sea can appear dark and endless on starless nights. The tiny bulbs on the boats at bay will help you experience the gift of sight, in case the night you chose is moonless or cloudy. Pre-planning can only get you so far and our meteorological office has a very relevant history of misjudgments.

The captains take full responsibility for your safety and entertainment until your feet touch the solid ground again. Each captain is armed with their own secret recipes and special spice blends. This will be some of the best crab feastings you will ever indulge in. The most popular items on the menu are crab masala, crab lollipop, and prawn masala. It is called crabbing after all.

You might not catch your food with as much efficiency as you might imagine, but your captain will provide you with an already caught one and it will be tasty nonetheless.

This larger than life experience, of leaving the familiarity of solid ground to sway upon the gentle waves of the Arabian Sea, makes crabbing in Karachi a necessary indulgence. You’ll walk away refreshed and rejuvenated, and maybe a little salty; if your choice of captain was poor.