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compound butter

Compound Butter: A Bold New World

If I hadn’t made myself sufficiently clear, fats are back in business. After a decade or so of being vilified, butter is having its day in the sun. Compound butter has long been a staple for most pro chefs working in some of the most demanding and celebrated kitchens in the world. The trend is surprisingly doable at home, and with a plethora of flavor variations, the possibilities are endless.


Compound butter is a mixture of butter and supplementary ingredients. A compound butter can be made by whipping herbs, spices, berries, and aromatics or whatever strikes your fancy into butter. The butter is then wrapped in parchment paper, rolled and re-formed, after which it is chilled and sliced ready to be used. Compound butter is melted over meats and vegetables to add a more complex flavor but it can also double as a spread or to finish various sauces.



compound butter

Flavored Butters




With the compound butter trend: Butter has been reborn. Flavored butter pairs the comfort of familiarity with a taste of adventure. With the moreish appeal of butter, several exotic ingredients become suddenly accessible and homely, deftly slotting any flavor profile into craveable territory.


The possibilities for creativity with the trend are endless. No flavor is off-limits; from bone-marrow and poblano to strawberries. Butter has the unique ability to lengthen flavors and by incorporating herbs and spices within the butter you’ve got a winner.


Compound butter isn’t just for fancy restaurants though; they are easy to pull together and require very little skill. Most DIY-ers recommend using a simple mason jar and good ol’ fashioned elbow grease to churn out your own flavorful compound butter. And with that, you can easily elevate anything: from your morning bagel to any meat-centric entrée, the compound butter will add undeniable depth of flavor to everything. So head on over to your nearest department store and grab a mason jar, time to get shaking. However, if you’re looking for a quick fix order a batch from Amavi.








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