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coffee wagera 1 - Coffee Wagera: Community Uplift, One Cup at a Time

Coffee Wagera: Community Uplift, One Cup at a Time

As you walk inside this cozy little coffee shop, by the name of Coffee Wagera, you are immediately greeted by the sweetest host ever, his name is Mush Ahmed and he is a certified barista. The cafe is located on street 5 of Badar Commercial. The first time I went there was for a meeting. The person who suggested it made me think she wanted to grab a coffee from anywhere because the name was so unique. To my surprise, this was an actual place, one that I’ve grown to love.



All About Coffee Wagera


The key feature of Coffee Wagera is that you got authentic, flavorful coffee at a very affordable price. They know coffee like the back of their hand. I decided to try their mocha iced coffee, cappuccino, lemon cake, chocolate brownie, and chicken wrap. The service is extremely efficient and the staff makes you feel right at home. Though relatively new, Coffee Wagera has managed to endear regular patrons, who not only enjoy their coffee but also appreciate Mush’s steady supply of humor.

Their chicken wrap is a great item to satiate your craving for a light snack; a very basic mix of sauce, chicken, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce. Simple, yet effective. It is a delicious item to have alongside a steaming hot cup of cappuccino. The lemon cake is covered with frosted sugar icing, it is a nice combination of sweet and tangy with a very soft sponge. Meanwhile, the brownie was served hot with chocolate syrup drizzled all over it. Although it was too sweet for me, the cappuccino balanced the flavor. The cappuccino was definitely the star of the evening. The perfect bitterness of coffee and the creamy texture made me sing. The mocha iced coffee was also an amazing addition to the table; I’d probably rate it above average.



The Warmth


Meanwhile, we were enjoying the food a news channel was interviewing Mush, for the great initiative of hiring transgenders. He explained to them his ideology of equality for all. He wanted to maintain a balanced ratio of male to female workers and also wanted to have a more inclusive, wholesome working environment where everyone respects and helps each other out. Moni, their new addition to the staff is the sweetest waitress ever. Her warm smile lights up the room.

Coffee is not just about a hot beverage but also the warmth of human kindness and togetherness. Coffee Wagera truly embodies the drink in all its essence and meaning.