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Coconut Oil: Super Food? Think Again

If you get all of your news and life advice from the interwebs, you’re not alone. I too am ever-ready to hop onto food trend bandwagons. Food and health trends are near impossible to miss anymore, thanks to social media. To put things into perspective I spent a good part of 2016 living off of quinoa. I go hard. Another trend I’ve been on for a while is oil-pulling. If you’ve heard of oil-pulling, chances are you’re familiar with the obsession with coconut oil as a superfood.

Coconut oil has long been heralded as the ‘best’ edible oil, due to it being soy, dairy, GMO and gluten-free. I’ve have spent the year swiveling it around my mouth every morning because my mother told me it would make my teeth whiter. I might as well have been rubbing cyanide onto my gums because a Harvard professor recently called coconut oil “pure poison”. Consider me shook.


coconut oil


While contemplating mortality, and my foreseeable slow and crippling descent into darkness, I realized how terrible it must be for the gluten-free, clean-eating gals to find out the truth about coconut oil. Gluten-free peeps have been incorporating coconut oil into everything they eat, from cookies to salmon. And so I shed my self-pity pants and decided that it was my moral obligation to inform everyone.

Coconut oil contains more than 80% saturated fat, more than twice the amount found in lard. It also puts you at risk of cardiovascular disease. While still tolerable in small amounts, your days of spreading it across your morning bagel are over. Coconut oil is definitely not something you need to load up on. I would’ve known this earlier had I done my research, but I am lazy. However, that’s not the takeaway here. What you need to know is that coconut oil is no good.


If you’re still eating it after this PSA, you’re a coconut. No, but seriously, stop.




coconut oil

Girl, nah.







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