07 Jun, Wednesday
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club 313

Club 313: We’ve Got Beef

A colleague and I usually turn to Home Grown to fulfill our burger cravings but upon hearing about a new burger joint in the vicinity, we decided to shake things up. Club 313 is a newly opened burger place in Phase 4 which claims to sell authentic burgers, and we arrived there on a slow Tuesday afternoon.


club 313

The interior’s pretty lit


First Impressions

The tunes of Frank Sinatra and a lovely waitress led us to the mezzanine and into a comfy booth. We were asked if we’d like to play some games: options included Tekken on PS4 and Jenga, so I was already invested.

The ambiance and the vibe were great so the only thing that could ruin this experience was horrendous food; hold that thought. I opted for a Bang Bang BBQ Beef Burger while my esteemed companion ordered herself an M&C Hangover Beef Burger. After a quick and fierce round of Tekken, our order arrived.


club 313

Deceptively good looking.

Bang Bang BBQ Beef Burger

This one involved a beef patty, pepperoni strips, crispy onion ring all stacked up and topped with BBQ sauce. The bun was fresh and the BBQ sauce was great, but there was one factor that put the whole experience to waste…the beef. It smelled awful and the patty was terrible and dry. The BBQ sauce masked the smell and taste of the beef to some extent but that’s not major redemption. Another let down was the fact that they offered two types of fries, pickle tickle and spicy, but both tasted exactly the same. This was a major let-down because who wouldn’t want to try the flavor of “pickle tickle” fries?!

M&C Hangover Beef Burger

The description claimed to have a perfectly grilled beef patty as the star of the show but proved far from it. The smell of the beef and no BBQ sauce to mask it made it impossible to eat, and my friend just quietly nibbled on her fries after three bites of the burger. The mushrooms, sauce, caramelized onions, and bun were all fresh but the beef washed everything down the drain.

Deep-fried Ice cream

At the end of our meal, we were offered a complimentary serving of deep=fried ice cream with chocolate sauce. I don’t have much of a sweet-tooth but I dug into the ice cream hoping to wash away the terrible beef taste: big mistake. The batter of the fried ice cream tasted strongly of egg, further ruining my experience at Club 313.

Irish Exit

I honestly could not have been out the door quicker, not just because we were late for work but because the remainder of the meal just made it impossible not to feel squeamish. That ought to teach me for not sticking to Home Grown.