13 Jul, Monday
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Udon House Lahore DHA

Udon House: Che-Won is Moving to DHA

Suck it Gulberg, you ain’t hot shit. Che-Won, affectionately known as Udon House, has decided that Gulberg isn’t where it wants to be. Their new outlet, in the Z Block Market in Phase 3, DHA, proves this. The Korean legends want a change of scenery.

The Scoop



Udon House was previously tucked into a ground floor corner of Hotel One. While it was amazing, the location was a bit drab if we’re being honest. It was far too small, and sitting outside meant getting huffs and puffs of car exhausts. Offering wholesome food that is easy on the gut, Udon House was simplicity at its best.

Yesterday, one of the members of the management team posted in forums on Facebook. The post was meant to inform customers that they have closed the Gulberg outlet in their efforts to relocate to Defence. Here’s a screen-grab of the post below.



Udon House Lahore DHA



Let’s have a standing ovation for DHA. Haters r gonna hate fo sho. But that’s fine. Because in a week or so it wont matter and the whole of Lahore will have to come to DHA to get their Udon House fix. And then they can enjoy the nice roads we have to offer. Maybe the really cool underground cabling in the Phase V area (if they’re lucky), and maybe even live a little (who knows?).

If you’re uninitiated to the wonders of Korean food, and to Udon House in specific, let us be the first to berate you. You suck. How about this: Have your dinner at 9:30 PM sharp, read a bedtime story to your three kids, and then go jump off a bridge.

But if you’re not a total jackass, you should (and will) check out Udon House in DHA the very second it opens up. We highly recommend their tuna rice balls, the scallion pancakes with shrimp, the beef bulgogi. And of course the internationally acclaimed bibimbap.

Udon House is as authentic as Korean cuisine in Lahore gets. Mr. and Mrs. Kim make sure you get a taste of Korea before you go to the paan wala to get your imported cigs.  The best things about Udon House are that it’s damn delicious and damn cheap. So go ahead, order a side of kimchi, order that extra appetizer, and get ready for some legit Korean action.