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Chatterbox Cafe

Chatterbox Cafe: For the Perfect Mom Date

At the school my children go to, the moms all get together for breakfast dates ever so often. One of our favorite spots to grab a bite on such occasions is Chatterbox Cafe (not to be confused with Chatterbox Deli).

As a result of these dates, the moms in the school my children go to have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of all the breakfast joints nearby. It’s simple: we grab a coffee and chow down on some delicious breakfast. It’s the only time of the day that we’re free, and we take full advantage of these moments (read: screaming “FREEDOM” circa William Wallace in Braveheart and prancing around town pretending we aren’t sleep-deprived, exhausted parents).

At this point, we’re regulars at Chatterbox Cafe. So much so, that a close friend refers to it as our “dhaaba” of choice. Chatterbox Cafe is the bee’s knees when it comes to breakfasts, and I’m going to tell you why.


chatterbox2 - Chatterbox Cafe: For the Perfect Mom Date


Barnhouse Chic with a Hint of Antique

First off, the ambiance is fabulous. The right mix of Barnhouse and antique, the interior is all about clean lines. There’s whitewashed walls, lovely accents, and a collection of vintage equipment displayed on the wall. The tables are beautifully set with cute metal pails filled with cutlery – a great touch.

The restaurant is built on three split levels, each with its own seating area. It’s private yet breathable; some of Karachi’s restaurants literally make you feel as if you’re sitting on the other diner’s lap. Not my scene.

The menu at Chatterbox Cafe is quite extensive. There’s three kinds of Eggs Benedict, a variety of pancakes, French toast, and waffles, and several egg options. Scrambled eggs, Shakshuka,  spinach baked eggs with parmesan sundried tomato toast – you name it, they have it.

My advice? Go with a lot of people and order everything!




This lovely Monday morning, I decided to order a personal favorite, Shakshuka. Described as two eggs baked in a mildly spicy tomato sauce, topped with feta and coriander, and served with pita and crusty bread, this has to be seen and eaten to be believed. My friend chooses the scrambled eggs, served alongside grilled tomatoes. Sausages and mushrooms round off the meal, along with a fruit juice (watermelon) and a glorious cappuccino.


My Shakshuka arrives. Lord Byron once wrote:

“She walks in beauty like the night”


I think the poor chap must be turning in his grave. I literally used that line to describe my breakfast. The only exceptions here are that it doesn’t walk, and it’s not night. Okay, getting off track.



The Shakshuka is beautiful, glorious, amazing. An adorable little pan, filled to the brim with a chunky concoction of tomato and onion, in which two beautiful eggs are nestled, with dollops of feta melting around and a sprinkling of coriander all over. A pile of crisp pita bread on the side. Succulent, superb, splendiferous!

My friend’s scrambled eggs are brought over, and they look fab; a soft, fluffy, delicious heap of eggy perfection. A lovely little pot of sliced sausages with mushrooms is placed between our respective entrees and as one, we descend upon the feast before us.

That Shakshuka is divine. The perfect balance between the tangy earthy tomato sauce, the delicious gooey egg yolk dripping across the pita bread, topped with the salty melted feta cheese. All the ingredients were doing the culinary equivalent of the perfect waltz in my mouth. An odd description, yes, but it just works. No sharing over here, thank you very much. Shakshuka is where it’s at, people!

The mushrooms and sausages were pretty tasty too. I don’t know what sauce they were coated in, but it was a great accompaniment. Watermelon juice was served in a cute jam jar and was the perfect summer morning drink. My cappuccino came with a cute sugar cookie which my cookie-mad son appreciated greatly (I smuggled it out in my purse).

All in all, a picture-perfect breakfast at one of my favorite cafes. Mom dates rock, and it truly is one of life’s little pleasures when you sit down, take a breather, and relax at a great café with women who know exactly how crazy and hectic your life is!