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Lahore - This Weekend in Lahore: Chartering Change

This Weekend in Lahore: Chartering Change

This weekend in Lahore is for the high-flyer in you. From exciting talks that’ll amp you up to musical performances that will sweeten up your night. You’re going to have a lot to look forward to. We’re just here to make sure you don’t miss out on the best of it.

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Chartering Change

The Lahore chapter of TIE, the largest global network of entrepreneurs, will be hosting Zain Jeewanjee, this Friday. Zain Jeewanjee is an insurance industry veteran, serial entrepreneur and a global speaker. This is an invite-only event and several investors and startups will be in attendance. The theme of the talk is predicting, initiating and navigating change through and for entrepreneurship.

P.S. Stay tuned for exclusive insights by Charcoal + Gravel, the media partner for this event


Jani- A Tribute

Jaun Elia position as a literary figure is often debated. Many critics of his work claim that he hid behind anarchism and nihilism to hide the flimsiness of his non-conformity. Juan’s poetry has been popularized in the age of social media and this Friday Olomopolo Media is hosting a session dedicated to him. Maybe you’ll agree with the popular sentiment, maybe you won’t.

P.S. The event is open to all and tickets will be available at the venue


Femininity زنانگی

Femininity زنانگی, will address ‘The Contemporary Social Perspective of Women of Pakistan’ and existent sociocultural practices. The aim is to get creative insights on these pressing issues and communicated it on a larger scale. The event will feature women speakers only, and women are encouraged to attend. It’ll be a safe space to debate and discuss.

P.S. No stags allowed, sorry.

sufi night

Sufi Night

Every Saturday for the month of March, the Walled City Authority and One Stop Solutions will be hosting a Sufi Night at Wazir Khan Mosque. Featuring the musical stylings of Ustaad Shahid Ali Khan and Mithoo Saaein Dhol Dhamaal, bookings must be made in order to attend. With three seating categories, depending on how close you want to be to the action, I hope you’re ready to splurge.

P.S. Saturday’s are officially sorted


Classical Music Concert

Organized by The All Pakistan Music Conference, Classical Music Concert will be an open-air affair worth welcoming March with. The lineup includes vocalists Efran Ayub Gill, Ustad Qadir Ali Shagan, Muslim Shagan, and Ustad Ashraf Sharif Khan. It will also feature instrumentalists such as Shahbaz Hussain on tabla, Zohaib Hassan on sarangi, and Muhammad Aslam on harmonium.

P.S. The event is open to all

That’s quite a lineup you have there in front of you.
This weekend in Lahore won’t be one to sleep on.

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