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chai - Chaaye Khana and the Search for Proper Tea

Chaaye Khana and the Search for Proper Tea

Noor recently visited Chaaye Khana and the experience knocked his socks off, read all about it:




Loving tea is often an unfortunate addiction. Especially for someone like me, who lives away from home and often ends up in strange towns and cities. Finding good tea, be it from a stall or a cafe, is always a priority while traveling. Even whilst traversing different localities within Lahore I subconsciously keep an eye out for tea-stalls. Whenever I happen upon an establishment that serves tea I do not bother about the ambiance, furniture, crowd, and noise. It’s all about the tea.


Recently I found myself venting to a friend about the inadequacy of the tea served at most fancy restaurants. The concoction several restaurants refer to as tea seems to resemble flood waters, with powdered milk as per desired. S asked me If I had been to Chaaye Khana. I recalled that I’d been hearing about Chaaye Khana for a while but had refrained from visiting it, so as to not be disappointed by yet another supposed purveyor of tea.


In order to rectify the situation, last Friday I visited. Chaaye Khana. A cozy café within a nameless building on M.M Alam road. The world inside seemed to be covered in black and chocolate hues, illuminated by yellow string lights. It felt good being there. I occupied a table close to the counter, looked around, gauged the environment, and placed an order for doughnuts and doodh-patti.





The wooden table before me had a chessboard painted atop it. I wondered whether customers actually played chess on the tables or it was merely a decorative statement on the part of the café. If it’s the former, I have one more reason to love Chaaye Khana. The cafe was crowded yet I heard only faint incoherent mumbling punctuated by the clinking of cutlery and the sound of footsteps.


A waiter approached carrying my order. Before the plate carrying my doughnuts had the chance to settle in I devolved it of its load. The doughnuts were delicious. The doodh-patti was strong and heavy, just the way it should be. However, it took several Sucral sachets to sweeten it enough for my liking. Soft low music played in the background. I leaned back and took in the somewhat novel experience of drinking proper doodh-patti at a fancy cafe.


Apart from doodh-patti, Chaaye Khana serves different varieties of exotic teas. The café also offers an extensive breakfast menu. You can also find various desserts, sandwiches, fresh juices, cocktails, and milkshakes. Personally, I’ll stick to the winning combination of doodh-patti and doughnuts


The Final Equation


If you haven’t visited Chaaye Khana yet please have your birth chart pulled out by some noteworthy astrologist. You might be under the control of some primeval curse. Head to Chaaye Khana and rid yourself of the foolish whims of the stars.

Noor is a nerd with a shameless passion for literature. After studying a good deal of psychoanalysis and philosophy, his search for identity and soul disappeared into dust. Because of his utter lack of and aversion to convictions, Noor's close friends call him an ‘Alienated Postmodernist’. He deems writing synonymous to breathing.

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