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C+G Picks: The Best Sehri In Lahore

Sehri is perhaps the most daunting meal in the month of Ramzan. You’re supposed to fuel up for the entire impending day in the wee hours of the morning, throwing most of us entirely off balance.

Paratha or granola? How much water is too much water? Does the dahi (yogurt) trick work?

So many thoughts to grapple with, not to mention the tantrums thrown by the official sehri-maker. Yet, no other time of the year allows us to indulge in late-night food adventures as guiltlessly as Ramzan does. Luckily, Lahore is chock-full of restaurant catering specifically to those looking to go ham for sehri. Looking for the best sehri in Lahore? I’ve got five:

The Pantry
The Pantry Sehri

The Pantry by the Polo Lounge might be one of my favorite eateries in the city. Nobody does as excellent a job of making carbs look healthy as these guys do; must be all the greens. Their sehri is no different; decadent halwa with whole-wheat puris, a french toast platter with a side of granola and yogurt. Don’t mind if I do.

The Kitchen
The Kitchen Sehri

Famous for their Lotus Skillet Cookie, The Kitchen Lahore serves up comfort food better than any restaurant in the city. Their sehri follows in a similar vein, with four different platters to choose from: Desi, Continental, Halwa Puri, and Nihari Platters. Sides include their granola parfait, the lotus french toast, and so much more.

Sashas Sehri

Sashas is the new kid on the Mall1 block and specializes in all-day breakfast. And, as logic dictates, sehri is their moment to shine. Not only do diners get to pick from their unending menu of breakfast options (from pancakes to nihari) they’ve also introduced two special sehri thaalis. Prepare to be spoilt for choice.

The Burning Giraffe
TBG Sehri

The Burning Giraffe in Mall94 is serving up the simplest of sehris, but that doesn’t mean a compromise on taste or quality. Quite the opposite, in fact. If you’re jonesing for a desi nashta, they’ve got a perfect platter for you. But their Spicy Miso Scrambled Eggs and Lotus French Toast are the siren call I’ve been waiting for.

Dervish Sehri2

For those not familiar with Dervish- The Food Souq, you’re seriously missing out on a world of delicious, desi goodness. The menu is extensive, yet understated. You’ve got five different types of omelets and six different types of handis, served with whole-wheat parathas. Don’t sleep on the aloo parathas.

Did we miss out your favorite? Let us know which restaurant in town is your pick for the best sehri in Lahore.

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